Bank Code Verified

012-445, BSB Number for ANZ Bank, Carlingford, NSW

BSB Number: 012-445

Bank: ANZ Bank

Financial Institution: ANZ

Address: Sh 113 Carlingford Court Pennant Hi

City: Carlingford

State: NSW

Postcode: 2118

System: PEH

Title: Understanding BSB Numbers and ANZ BankIn the world of banking, BSB numbers serve a fundamental role in identification and routing of funds. They act as a unique identifier for financial institutions and are integral to ensuring seamless transactions.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of BSB numbers, their role in the banking system, and take a closer look at ANZ Bank and its operations. Topic 1:to BSB numbers

BSB numbers, also known as Bank State Branch numbers, are a series of six digits that uniquely identify the branch of a financial institution.

They are used within a country’s banking system and are particularly vital in Australia. These numbers play a pivotal role in facilitating the accurate and secure routing of funds.

BSB numbers are essential for identifying both the bank and its branch where an account is held. They enable financial institutions to accurately process transactions, ensuring that the funds reach the intended recipient.

This identification system relies on the standardization of BSB numbers, which helps prevent errors and ensures efficient fund transfers. Topic 2: ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank, also known as the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, is one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.

With a history that spans over 185 years, ANZ is deeply rooted in the banking sector and offers a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. ANZ Bank’s BSB Number:

ANZ Bank’s BSB number, 012-445, is associated with the Carlingford branch located in Carlingford, New South Wales.

This unique identifier ensures that funds are routed correctly to this specific branch, streamlining transactions for ANZ customers. ANZ Bank’s Address:

The Carlingford branch of ANZ Bank is located at Sh 113 Carlingford Court Pennant Hi, Carlingford, NSW, 2118.

This address serves as a physical point of reference for individuals who wish to visit the branch or need to specify it for transactions. ANZ Bank and BSB numbers:

ANZ Bank operates with BSB numbers across all its branches to ensure efficient and accurate routing of funds.

These numbers assist in the verification and validation of transactions, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating prompt fund transfers. ANZ Bank’s Operations:

ANZ Bank offers a comprehensive range of services, including personal banking, business banking, wealth management, and institutional banking.

With their online banking platform, customers can access their accounts easily, make payments, manage investments, and much more. ANZ Bank’s Commitment to Customers:

ANZ Bank prioritizes its customers by providing a user-friendly experience and excellent customer service.

Whether individuals are looking for a mortgage, savings account, or personalized financial advice, ANZ Bank strives to meet their needs with professionalism and efficiency. ANZ Bank’s Contribution to Society:

ANZ Bank is dedicated to giving back to the community through various social initiatives.

It supports programs related to education, sustainability, and economic development, aiming to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the environment. Conclusion:

BSB numbers are a vital component of the banking system, enabling efficient and accurate routing of funds within a financial institution.

ANZ Bank, with its comprehensive services and commitment to customer satisfaction, continues to play a significant role in the Australian banking industry. By understanding the importance of BSB numbers and ANZ Bank’s offerings, individuals can make informed decisions when utilizing their services.

Topic 3: PEH System

The PEH system, also known as the Payments Entry Hub system, is a crucial component of the Australian banking infrastructure. It plays a significant role in processing electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and uses BSB numbers as part of its operation.

The Payments Entry Hub system is responsible for handling and routing electronic payments within the Australian financial system. It acts as a centralized hub for financial institutions, facilitating the secure and efficient transfer of funds.

The PEH system ensures that payments are accurately processed and directed to the correct financial institution and branch. In relation to the BSB number provided (012-445), the PEH system utilizes this number to route funds specifically to the Carlingford branch of ANZ Bank.

This ensures that transactions addressed to this particular branch are processed seamlessly. The integration of BSB numbers within the PEH system enables the reliable identification and routing of funds, ensuring that they reach the correct destination.

Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

The BSB number is a unique identifier for Australian financial institutions and follows a specific format. It consists of six digits, which provide information about the bank and the branch where an account is held.

Each digit within the BSB number holds its own significance and contributes to the accurate routing of funds. The first two digits of the BSB number represent the bank code.

In the case of the ANZ Bank, the bank code is 01. This bank code signifies that it is the ANZ Bank involved in the transaction.

The third digit in the BSB number represents the state code. In this instance, the third digit is 2, indicating the state of New South Wales (NSW).

It signifies that the specific ANZ Bank branch is located in Carlingford, NSW. The last three digits of the BSB number represent the branch code.

In the given BSB number, the branch code is 445. These digits identify the individual branch of ANZ Bank situated in Carlingford.

By understanding the structure of the BSB number, individuals can interpret and use it for various banking transactions. The correct utilization of the BSB number ensures that funds are directed to the intended recipient without delay or error.

The significance of different digits within the BSB number facilitates the accurate identification and routing of funds. This systematic approach minimizes the risk of errors and ensures a seamless transfer process.

In the case of the BSB number 012-445, the digits indicate that the transaction is directed to ANZ Bank in Carlingford, NSW. In conclusion, the PEH system plays a pivotal role in processing electronic fund transfers within the Australian banking system.

It utilizes BSB numbers as a means of identifying and routing funds accurately. Understanding the structure of BSB numbers is essential in facilitating seamless transactions and ensuring funds reach the intended recipient.

By comprehending the significance of each digit within the BSB number, individuals can utilize this information effectively for their banking needs.

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