Bank Code Verified

014-524, BSB Number for ANZ Bank, Burpengary, QLD

BSB Number: 014-524

Bank: ANZ Bank

Financial Institution: ANZ

Address: Sh8 Bpg Ctrl S/C 164-168 Station Rd

City: Burpengary

State: QLD

Postcode: 4505

System: PEH

ANZ Bank: A Leader in the Australian Financial SectorIn today’s fast-paced world, banking plays a crucial role in our lives. From depositing our hard-earned money to applying for loans, we rely on banks for various financial services.

In Australia, one prominent bank that has been serving its customers for over 180 years is ANZ Bank. With a strong presence both locally and internationally, ANZ Bank has earned a reputation as a reliable and customer-focused institution.

This article will delve into the key features of ANZ Bank, shedding light on its operations, products, and services.

A Brief History

ANZ Bank, which is short for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, is one of the largest banks in Australia. It was established in 1835 as the Bank of Australasia in Sydney and Melbourne.

Over the years, the bank grew, merging with other financial institutions and acquiring new ones, solidifying its position in the market. In 1951, the bank adopted its current name, ANZ Bank.

Today, ANZ Bank operates not only in Australia and New Zealand but also in 34 other countries, making it a truly global financial institution.

Wide Range of Banking Services

ANZ Bank offers a wide range of banking services for individuals, businesses, and institutions. Whether you need a basic savings account or complex financial solutions for your business, ANZ Bank has got you covered.

Let’s explore some of the key services it provides:

1. Personal Banking: ANZ Bank offers various options for personal banking, including savings accounts, transaction accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and home loans.

With flexible terms and competitive interest rates, these products are designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals. 2.

Business Banking: If you run a business, ANZ Bank can provide tailored solutions to help you grow and manage your finances. From business loans and overdraft facilities to merchant services and business insurance, ANZ Bank offers comprehensive support to businesses of all sizes.

3. Institutional Banking: ANZ Bank caters to institutional clients, including corporations, government entities, and non-profit organizations.

With a range of services like cash management, trade finance, investment banking, and risk management solutions, ANZ Bank ensures that institutions can focus on their core objectives. 4.

Wealth Management: ANZ Bank also offers wealth management and financial advisory services to help individuals and institutions achieve their financial goals. These services include investment solutions, retirement planning, insurance, and superannuation.

Convenient and Accessible Banking

ANZ Bank understands the importance of convenience and accessibility for its customers. To cater to the needs of its diverse customer base, ANZ Bank provides various channels for banking transactions:


Branches: ANZ Bank has an extensive network of branches throughout Australia. Customers can visit their nearest branch to carry out their banking transactions, speak to a financial advisor, or seek assistance with their accounts.

2. Online Banking: ANZ Bank’s online banking platform allows customers to access their accounts, make transactions, and manage their finances from the comfort of their homes or offices.

With a user-friendly interface and advanced security features, online banking with ANZ Bank is safe and convenient. 3.

ATM Network: ANZ Bank has a vast network of ATMs across Australia, ensuring that customers can access cash and perform basic banking functions at any time, day or night. 4.

Mobile Banking: To keep up with the advancements in technology, ANZ Bank offers a mobile banking app that allows customers to carry out various banking tasks using their smartphones or tablets. From transferring funds to paying bills, the app provides a seamless banking experience on the go.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

ANZ Bank places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. It aims to provide excellent customer service and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Through its dedicated customer service team and online support, ANZ Bank ensures that customers can easily reach out for assistance or resolve any queries they may have.


ANZ Bank stands as a leader in the Australian banking sector, with its long-standing history and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you are an individual seeking personal banking services or a business in need of comprehensive financial solutions, ANZ Bank offers a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

With its extensive network of branches, innovative online and mobile banking platforms, and commitment to customer service, ANZ Bank continues to serve as a reliable and customer-focused financial institution. PEH System: A Crucial Component of the Australian Banking FrameworkIn the world of banking, efficient and accurate fund transfers are essential.

To ensure seamless transactions, a robust system is required to identify and route funds effectively. This is where the PEH System comes into play.

In this article, we will explore what the PEH System stands for, its significance in the Australian banking system, and how it relates to the BSB number provided. What is the PEH System?

The PEH System, also known as the Payment Exchange Hub System, is a vital component of the Australian banking framework. It is a centralized system operated by the Australian Payments Network Limited (AusPayNet), formerly known as the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA).

The PEH System acts as an intermediary between financial institutions, facilitating the smooth and secure transfer of funds between banks in Australia.

Importance of the PEH System in the Banking System

The PEH System plays a crucial role in the Australian banking system by ensuring the accurate and efficient transfer of funds. It acts as a central hub, enabling financial institutions to exchange payment instructions securely.

Without the PEH System, the process of transferring funds between banks would be much more complex and time-consuming.

How PEH Relates to the BSB Number Provided

Now, let’s dive into how the PEH System relates to the BSB number provided, which is 014-524. The BSB number is an essential component of the PEH System as it is used for the identification and routing of funds.

Here’s how the BSB number is related to the PEH System:

1. Identification: The BSB number, also known as the Bank State Branch number, serves as an identifier for financial institutions.

Each BSB number corresponds to a specific bank and branch. In the case of the BSB number 014-524, it belongs to ANZ Bank, specifically the branch located at Sh8 Bpg Ctrl S/C 164-168 Station Rd, Burpengary, QLD, with the postcode 4505.

2. Routing: The PEH System uses the BSB number to route funds accurately.

When a payment is initiated, the sender provides their BSB number, as well as the BSB number of the recipient’s bank and branch. The PEH System uses these BSB numbers to route the funds from the sender’s bank to the recipient’s bank securely and efficiently.

Understanding the Structure of BSB Numbers

BSB numbers consist of six digits, which are divided into three parts:

1. The first two digits represent the bank code: In the case of the BSB number 014-524, the bank code is 01, which corresponds to ANZ Bank.

2. The third digit represents the state code: For the BSB number 014-524, the state code is 4, indicating it is located in Queensland (QLD).

3. The last three digits represent the branch code: In the BSB number 014-524, the branch code is 524, which identifies the specific branch of ANZ Bank in Burpengary.

Breaking Down and Interpreting the Given BSB Number

Now, let’s analyze the given BSB number, 014-524, and interpret its components:

1. The bank code, 01, corresponds to ANZ Bank.

ANZ Bank is one of the largest banks in Australia, offering a wide range of financial services to its customers. 2.

The state code, 4, represents Queensland (QLD). This means that the branch associated with this BSB number is located within the state of Queensland.

3. The branch code, 524, indicates the specific branch of ANZ Bank.

In this case, the branch is located at Sh8 Bpg Ctrl S/C 164-168 Station Rd, Burpengary, QLD, with the postcode 4505. By interpreting the BSB number 014-524, we can identify the specific bank, state, and branch it corresponds to within the Australian banking system.


The PEH System and BSB numbers are intricately connected, playing key roles in the Australian banking system. The PEH System acts as a centralized hub for the secure exchange of funds between financial institutions, while the BSB number serves as an identifier and routing mechanism.

Understanding the structure and components of BSB numbers, such as the bank code, state code, and branch code, allows for accurate identification and routing of funds. With the PEH System and BSB numbers working in tandem, the Australian banking system continues to thrive, providing seamless fund transfer experiences for individuals, businesses, and institutions alike.

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