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032-067, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Marrickville, NSW

BSB Number: 032-067

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: 241-243 Marrickville Road

City: Marrickville

State: NSW

Postcode: 2204

System: PEHBSB numbers play a crucial role in the banking system, facilitating the identification and routing of funds. As part of a complex network of financial transactions, BSB numbers ensure that money reaches its intended destination securely and efficiently.

This article will delve into the importance of BSB numbers, particularly in relation to Westpac Bank, and shed light on how they are utilized for seamless banking operations. Topic 1:to BSB numbers

BSB numbers, or Bank State Branch numbers, are a unique six-digit code used in Australia to identify individual bank branches.

They serve as a vital component of the banking system, acting as a key identifier for the safe and swift transfer of funds between different financial institutions. One of the primary functions of BSB numbers is to route funds accurately.

When a bank receives a payment instruction, the BSB number assists in determining the destination bank and branch. By including the BSB number, the sender ensures that their funds are directed to the correct recipient, avoiding any potential errors or misrouting.

The importance of BSB numbers extends beyond the initial transfer. In the case of Westpac Bank, for example, these numbers are also utilized for internal transactions between different branches of the bank.

By using BSB numbers, Westpac Bank can streamline its operations and ensure efficient movement of funds between its various locations. Topic 2: Westpac Bank

Westpac Bank, one of Australia’s largest banks, is heavily reliant on BSB numbers to enable smooth financial transactions.

With a strong presence in the country, Westpac Bank utilizes BSB numbers as a fundamental tool for its banking operations.


One of the Westpac Bank branches with the BSB number 032-067 is located at 241-243 Marrickville Road in Marrickville, New South Wales. This physical address serves as a primary point of contact for customers needing assistance or conducting in-person transactions.

Financial Institution: WBC

Westpac Bank operates under the financial institution code WBC. This code allows for easy identification of Westpac Bank in the banking system and ensures smooth integration with other financial institutions.

Routing of Funds

In the banking system, BSB numbers are crucial for routing funds accurately. Westpac Bank utilizes BSB numbers to direct incoming funds to the appropriate branch and account.

This routing process enables customers to receive their payments efficiently and promptly.

Internal Transactions

Internal transactions within Westpac Bank also heavily rely on BSB numbers. When funds are transferred between different branches of the bank, the BSB number enables automatic routing, reducing processing time and increasing operational efficiency.

System: PEH

Furthermore, Westpac Bank operates within the PEH system. PEH stands for Payment Entry Highway, a payment processing system that is utilized by several financial institutions in Australia.

By operating within this system, Westpac Bank can seamlessly process payments and ensure accurate routing of funds using BSB numbers.


BSB numbers are an integral part of the banking system, offering a reliable and efficient means of identification and routing of funds. Westpac Bank, as a prominent financial institution, relies on BSB numbers for its day-to-day operations, ensuring secure and swift transfer of funds both internally and externally.

Understanding the importance of BSB numbers helps customers and businesses navigate the intricacies of the banking system, leading to smoother financial transactions. Topic 3: PEH System

The PEH system, an acronym for Payment Entry Highway, is a payment processing system utilized by several financial institutions in Australia, including Westpac Bank.

This system plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transfer of funds by utilizing BSB numbers as identifiers. The PEH system operates as a digital gateway through which payment instructions are transmitted and processed.

It acts as an intermediary between financial institutions, coordinating the transfer of funds securely and accurately. By integrating BSB numbers into the PEH system, banks like Westpac can process payments seamlessly, ensuring that funds are directed to the correct destination.

One of the core features of the PEH system is its ability to facilitate real-time payments. This means that transactions can be processed and settled instantaneously, enhancing efficiency and convenience for customers.

When a payment instruction is received, the PEH system utilizes the BSB number to identify the recipient’s bank and branch, ensuring that the funds are routed accurately. The PEH system also offers additional functionalities, such as the ability to validate BSB numbers.

Before processing a payment, the PEH system can verify that the provided BSB number is valid and corresponds to an active account. This step helps to prevent payment errors and reduces the risk of funds being sent to incorrect or closed accounts.

Moreover, the PEH system supports the processing of both domestic and international transactions. For domestic payments, the BSB number, along with the recipient’s account number, helps to ensure that funds are directed to the correct account within Australia.

In the case of international transfers, additional information such as SWIFT codes may also be required to correctly route the funds. In summary, the PEH system plays a vital role in the banking system, enabling secure and efficient transfer of funds.

By incorporating BSB numbers as identifiers, financial institutions like Westpac Bank can leverage the capabilities of the PEH system to process payments in real-time, validate BSB numbers, and facilitate domestic and international transactions effectively. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

BSB numbers are structured to convey specific information about the bank and branch to which they belong.

Understanding the format and significance of different digits within a BSB number can provide insights into the associated banking institution. The BSB number consists of six digits, with each digit serving a unique purpose.

The first two digits indicate the financial institution code, which represents the bank that the BSB number belongs to. In the case of Westpac Bank, the financial institution code is WBC.

The remaining four digits of the BSB number, in the case of BSB number 032-067, indicate the specific bank branch or location. The third digit signifies the state in which the branch is located.

In this instance, the digit ‘2’ represents New South Wales (NSW), indicating that the branch is situated in Marrickville, NSW. The fourth and fifth digits within the BSB number represent the specific branch within the given state.

These digits assist in identifying the exact location or division within the bank where the funds are to be directed. In the case of BSB number 032-067, the fourth digit ‘0’ and the fifth digit ‘6’ help pinpoint the Marrickville branch within Westpac Bank.

The sixth and final digit of the BSB number serves as a checksum digit. This digit is calculated based on the preceding digits and is used to ensure the accuracy of BSB numbers during validation processes.

By performing a mathematical calculation involving the other digits, the system can verify the integrity of the BSB number and prevent potential errors. Interpreting the BSB number 032-067, we can deduce that it belongs to Westpac Bank’s Marrickville branch located in New South Wales.

This BSB number allows for accurate routing of funds to this specific branch, ensuring that transactions are processed efficiently and securely. In conclusion, BSB numbers have a specific structure that provides valuable information about the associated banking institution and branch.

By understanding the format and significance of different digits within a BSB number, individuals and organizations can more effectively utilize these numbers for identification and routing of funds.

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