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032-073, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Guildford, NSW

BSB Number: 032-073

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: 301-303 Guildford Road

City: Guildford

State: NSW

Postcode: 2161

System: PEHto BSB Numbers: The Key to Efficient Banking

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world, the banking system plays a crucial role in facilitating financial transactions and ensuring the smooth flow of funds. One of the key components of this system is the BSB number.

This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of what BSB numbers are and why they play a vital role in the banking system. Let’s dive deeper into this essential aspect of banking.

What are BSB Numbers? BSB stands for Bank-State-Branch numbers, which are unique identifiers assigned to each branch of a financial institution in Australia.

This six-digit number serves two primary purposes: identification and routing of funds. Every bank and branch in Australia is assigned a BSB number, allowing for accurate and efficient processing of transactions.

These numbers are an essential element of Australia’s electronic funds transfer system (EFTS) and are used extensively in various banking activities.

Identification and Routing of Funds

One of the crucial functions of BSB numbers is to identify the exact branch of a bank where an account is held. This identification plays a key role in ensuring that funds are directed to the correct account.

When making a payment or transfer, both the sender and recipient need to provide their BSB numbers to ensure that funds reach the intended destination accurately. Routing of funds is another critical aspect of BSB numbers.

In Australia’s vast banking network, with numerous financial institutions and branches, it is essential to have a standardized system to route funds efficiently. BSB numbers serve this purpose by indicating the specific branch where the funds should be sent.

This ensures that funds are directed to the right location without any delays or errors. Using BSB numbers significantly streamlines the process of transferring funds between different accounts.

Whether it is a salary deposit, bill payment, or money transfer to friends and family, the correct BSB number ensures that the funds are directed to the intended recipient in a timely and accurate manner.

Benefits of BSB Numbers

1. Accuracy: BSB numbers eliminate the risk of errors in fund transfers.

By providing a unique identifier for each bank branch, there is a higher level of accuracy in directing funds to the intended recipient. 2.

Efficiency: With a standardized system of BSB numbers, the routing of funds becomes quicker and more efficient. This helps in speeding up the processing of transactions, ensuring that funds are transferred promptly.

3. Convenience: BSB numbers make it easier for individuals and businesses to conduct banking activities.

From paying bills to receiving salary deposits, these numbers streamline the process, allowing for a hassle-free banking experience. 4.

Security: BSB numbers play a crucial role in maintaining the security of financial transactions. By accurately identifying the branch where an account is held, any fraudulent activity can be identified and prevented.


In conclusion, BSB numbers are a vital component of the Australian banking system. These unique identifiers play a crucial role in identifying specific bank branches and ensuring the accurate routing of funds.

With their importance in facilitating efficient and secure financial transactions, BSB numbers have become an essential element of modern banking. Understanding their significance and using them correctly is key to a seamless banking experience.

So, next time you make a payment or transfer funds, remember the importance of BSB numbers in ensuring the smooth flow of your money. PEH System: Enhancing Efficiency in Banking Transactions

In the vast world of banking, where millions of transactions occur daily, efficiency and accuracy are key.

To achieve this, financial institutions rely on specialized systems that facilitate the smooth flow of funds. One such system is the PEH system, which stands for Primary Electronic Home.

In this section, we will explore what the PEH system is, how it relates to BSB numbers, and how it enhances efficiency in banking transactions. The PEH system is a central database maintained by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA).

It stores the BSB numbers of all financial institutions and their branches operating in Australia. The purpose of this system is to provide an authoritative source of BSB numbers that can be accessed by banks, businesses, and individuals for identifying bank branches and routing funds accurately.

How Does the PEH System Relate to BSB Numbers? The PEH system and BSB numbers are interconnected to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of banking transactions.

The system acts as a central repository for BSB numbers, while BSB numbers serve as unique identifiers for bank branches. When initiating a transaction, the sender needs to provide both the recipient’s BSB number and their own BSB number.

These BSB numbers are cross-referenced with the PEH system to verify their accuracy and ensure that the funds are directed to the correct branch. The PEH system plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of BSB numbers.

It serves as a single authoritative source for accurate BSB information, eliminating the risk of outdated or incorrect numbers. Financial institutions rely on the PEH system to access and update BSB information in real-time, ensuring that they can process transactions swiftly and accurately.

Understanding the BSB Number Structure

The BSB number structure consists of six digits that are divided into three parts. Each part carries its significance and provides information about the bank branch.

1. The First Two Digits: They represent the bank or financial institution.

In the given BSB number “032-073,” the first two digits “03” indicate Westpac Bank. 2.

The Third Digit: This digit represents the state where the branch is located. In this case, the digit “2” indicates that the branch is in New South Wales.

3. The Last Three Digits: They specify the particular branch within the bank.

In the BSB number “032-073,” the last three digits “073” point to the Guildford branch of Westpac Bank.

Breaking Down and Interpreting the BSB Number

Analyzing the BSB number “032-073” in detail reveals valuable information about the branch it corresponds to. By understanding the structure, we can interpret its meaning as follows:


Bank: The first two digits “03” indicate that this BSB number belongs to Westpac Bank, a well-established financial institution in Australia. 2.

State: The third digit “2” signifies that the branch is located in New South Wales, one of Australia’s most populous states. 3.

Branch: The last three digits “073” specify the Guildford branch of Westpac Bank, located at 301-303 Guildford Road in Guildford, with a postcode of 2161. By deciphering the BSB number, individuals and businesses can accurately identify and route funds to the intended branch, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

The Significance of Accurate BSB Numbers

Accurate BSB numbers are crucial for secure and efficient banking transactions. They eliminate the possibility of funds being misdirected, ensuring that payments, transfers, and deposits reach the intended recipients promptly.

Accurate BSB numbers also assist in identifying fraudulent activities, as any inconsistency or discrepancy can be swiftly identified and investigated. Additionally, businesses can rely on the accuracy of BSB numbers for payroll processing, supplier payments, and other financial operations, saving time and reducing errors.


In conclusion, the PEH system and BSB numbers are integral components of the Australian banking system. The PEH system acts as a central database for BSB numbers, providing accurate and reliable information to facilitate seamless transactions.

Understanding the structure of BSB numbers allows individuals and businesses to interpret their meaning and ensure accurate routing of funds. By leveraging the PEH system and utilizing correct BSB numbers, the banking industry can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and security, making the process of conducting financial transactions easier and more reliable for everyone involved.

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