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032-174, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Fairfield, NSW

BSB Number: 032-174

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: Shop G46 Neeta City Smart Street

City: Fairfield

State: NSW

Postcode: 2165

System: PEHHave you ever wondered how banks identify and route funds? The answer lies in BSB numbers.

In this article, we will explore what BSB numbers are and their significance in the banking system. We will also take a closer look at Westpac Bank, a leading financial institution in Australia.

Topic 1:to BSB numbers

What are BSB numbers? – BSB stands for Bank/State/Branch number.

– A BSB number is a unique identifier for each bank branch in Australia. – It consists of six digits, usually divided into three pairs.

Importance of BSB numbers in the banking system:

– BSB numbers are used for the identification and routing of funds. – They ensure that money reaches the intended recipient.

– Without BSB numbers, banks would have difficulty processing transactions efficiently. How are BSB numbers used for identification and routing of funds?

– When making a payment, you need to provide the recipient’s BSB number. – The BSB number helps the bank identify the correct branch of the recipient.

– It also ensures that the funds are routed to the correct bank account. Benefits of BSB numbers:

– BSB numbers make transactions faster and more accurate.

– They reduce the chances of funds being sent to the wrong account. – BSB numbers are essential for electronic funds transfer (EFT).

– They simplify the process of setting up direct debits and credits. Topic 2: Westpac Bankto Westpac Bank:

– Westpac Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks.

– It is part of the Westpac Group, which was established in 1817. – Westpac Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services.

Services provided by Westpac Bank:

1. Retail banking:

– Westpac Bank offers traditional banking services to individuals and small businesses.

– This includes savings accounts, transaction accounts, and personal loans. 2.

Business banking:

– Westpac Bank provides customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. – Services include business loans, cash management, and merchant facilities.

3. Wealth management:

– Westpac Bank offers investment and financial planning services.

– Customers can access a range of investment options, including managed funds and superannuation. 4.


– Westpac Bank provides insurance products such as home and contents insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance. Customer support and digital banking:

– Westpac Bank offers 24/7 customer support through various channels.

– Customers can access their accounts and perform transactions online or through the Westpac mobile banking app. Community involvement and corporate responsibility:

– Westpac Bank is committed to giving back to the community.

– They support various charitable organizations and initiatives across Australia. In conclusion, BSB numbers play a crucial role in the banking system by facilitating the identification and routing of funds.

Westpac Bank, as one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, offers a wide range of services to both retail and business customers. With its commitment to customer support, digital banking, and corporate responsibility, Westpac Bank continues to be a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Topic 3: PEH System

The PEH system, also known as the Purchasing and Electronic Hierarchy system, is a code that is associated with BSB numbers. This system is used by financial institutions to determine the type of electronic message that needs to be sent when conducting transactions such as payments and transfers.

The PEH system is an essential component in the processing of funds within the banking system. The PEH system relies on a series of codes that indicate the specific type of transaction to be performed.

These codes are combined with the BSB number to create a complete identifier that ensures the accurate routing of funds. Each type of transaction, such as credit card payments, direct debits, or electronic funds transfers, has a unique code within the PEH system.

When making a payment or transfer, the PEH system is used in conjunction with the BSB number to provide the necessary instructions to the bank. For example, if you are making a payment to a credit card, the BSB number paired with the appropriate PEH code will notify the bank that the transaction involves a credit card payment.

This ensures that the funds are directed to the correct account and promptly processed. In the case of the BSB number 032-174, the PEH system would interact with the components within the number to determine the specific transaction and its processing requirements.

The first two digits of the BSB number, 03, indicate the bank’s identity. The digits following the bank identifier, in this case, 2-174, represent the specific branch where the account is held.

When used in combination with the PEH system, this BSB number would instruct the bank regarding the specific type of transaction to be performed and the appropriate actions to take. The PEH system and the BSB number work hand in hand to ensure the quick and accurate processing of funds within the banking system.

The PEH system provides the necessary information regarding the type of transaction, while the BSB number further specifies the bank and branch involved. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

The BSB number format consists of six digits, usually divided into three pairs.

Each digit within the BSB number holds significance and indicates specific information related to the bank and branch. Understanding the structure of the BSB number can help in identifying these details and ensuring the accurate routing of funds.

The first two digits of the BSB number represent the bank’s identity. In the case of the BSB number 032-174, the bank identifier is 03, indicating that the account belongs to Westpac Bank.

The next four digits (2-174) represent the specific branch where the account is held. The first of these four digits indicates the state where the branch is located.

In this example, the digit 2 indicates that the branch is in New South Wales (NSW). The remaining three digits (174) represent the specific branch within that state.

Breaking down the BSB number 032-174:

– 03: Bank identifier (Westpac Bank)

– 2: State identifier (New South Wales)

– 174: Branch identifier (specific branch within New South Wales)

By analyzing the BSB number, one can determine the relevant bank, state, and branch associated with a particular account. This information is crucial in accurately routing funds and ensuring that transactions are processed efficiently.

In conclusion, the BSB number structure consists of six digits that convey important information about the bank and branch associated with a specific account. The first two digits represent the bank identifier, followed by a digit indicating the state, and the remaining three digits representing the branch identifier.

Understanding the format and structure of BSB numbers is essential in correctly identifying and routing funds within the banking system. Coupled with the PEH system, these numbers ensure the smooth and accurate processing of transactions.

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