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032-395, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Dubbo, NSW

BSB Number: 032-395

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: 87 Macquarie St

City: Dubbo

State: NSW

Postcode: 2830

System: PEHto BSB Numbers: The Key to Banking Efficiency

Have you ever wondered what those strange numbers at the bottom of your checks or bank statements are? They may seem random, but they actually play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the banking system.

These numbers are called BSB numbers, or Bank State Branch numbers. In this article, we will explore what BSB numbers are, their importance in the banking system, and how they are used for the identification and routing of funds.

The Importance of BSB Numbers

BSB numbers are a unique identifier for individual branches of a particular bank. They serve as a vital tool in the banking system, facilitating the efficient transfer of funds between different financial institutions.

Without BSB numbers, transactions would become cumbersome and prone to errors.

Identification and Routing of Funds

One of the primary functions of BSB numbers is to help identify the destination of funds in a transaction. Each BSB number corresponds to a specific branch of a bank, ensuring that funds are directed to the correct location.

To illustrate, let’s consider an example:

Suppose you want to transfer money from your account at Westpac Bank to a friend’s account at another bank. To initiate the transfer, you would need to provide your friend with your BSB number, which in this case would be 032-395.

This BSB number indicates that your branch is located at 87 Macquarie St, Dubbo, NSW, with a postcode of 2830. By including this BSB number in the transfer instructions, the banking system knows exactly where the funds should be sent.

Furthermore, BSB numbers also help in routing funds between different banks. When you make a transfer to another financial institution, the BSB number acts as a routing code, ensuring that the funds reach the recipient bank and branch correctly.

This routing function is crucial for the efficient and accurate processing of transactions. An additional advantage of BSB numbers is that they help in identifying the type of financial institution.

In this case, the BSB number 032-395 identifies the bank as Westpac Bank (WBC). This information is significant in distinguishing between banks, credit unions, and building societies, enabling the banking system to handle transactions appropriately.

BSB Numbers: Security and Accuracy

Apart from their role in identification and routing, BSB numbers also play a crucial role in maintaining the security and accuracy of banking transactions. When you provide your BSB number, it serves as a unique identifier for your bank branch, ensuring that funds are directed to the correct place.

This reduces the risk of misdirected payments and helps safeguard your money. Moreover, BSB numbers are often used in conjunction with account numbers to authenticate transactions.

When you transfer funds, the recipient bank uses the BSB number and account number to verify the validity of the transaction, ensuring that the funds are deposited into the correct account. This additional layer of authentication adds an extra level of security to ensure accurate and reliable transactions.


In conclusion, BSB numbers are a crucial component of the banking system. They provide a unique identifier for individual bank branches, allowing for the efficient identification and routing of funds.

Without BSB numbers, transactions would be prone to errors and delays, making banking a much more arduous process. So the next time you see those mysterious numbers at the bottom of your checks or bank statements, remember the important role they play in keeping our banking system running smoothly.

PEH System: Enhancing Efficiency and Security

In the world of banking, efficiency and security are paramount. To achieve these goals, banks employ various systems, one of which is the PEH system.

PEH stands for Payment Event Hub, and it plays a crucial role in the processing and routing of payments within the banking system. In this section, we will delve into the PEH system, its relationship with BSB numbers, and its significance in ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

The PEH System and BSB Numbers

The PEH system is a sophisticated infrastructure that facilitates the transmission and tracking of payments. It acts as a central hub where payment events are processed, authenticated, and routed to their respective destinations.

BSB numbers play a vital role within the PEH system as they help identify the specific bank branch where the funds should be directed. When a transaction is initiated, the sender provides both the BSB number and account number of the recipient to ensure accurate routing.

The PEH system leverages this information to route the payment to the intended bank and branch. This routing process ensures that the funds reach the correct destination in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the PEH system also relies on BSB numbers to authenticate the transaction and ensure its security. By comparing the BSB number provided with the recipient bank’s records, the PEH system verifies the validity of the transaction.

This verification step is crucial in preventing fraudulent activities and safeguarding the funds being transferred. The PEH system not only processes individual payments but also serves as a hub for bulk transactions, such as payroll processing or bill payments.

In these cases, the PEH system uses BSB numbers to direct funds to multiple recipients simultaneously, ensuring efficient and accurate distribution of funds.

Understanding BSB Number Structure

To fully grasp the significance of BSB numbers, it is essential to understand their structure. BSB numbers in Australia consist of six digits, typically displayed in a three-digit format.

The first two digits represent the bank or financial institution, while the third digit relates to the state or territory in which the branch is located. In the provided BSB number 032-395, the first two digits, 03, signify that it corresponds to Westpac Bank (WBC).

Westpac Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks, with a long-standing reputation for excellence in customer service and innovative financial solutions. The third digit in the BSB number, 2, signifies that the branch is located in New South Wales (NSW).

This information is vital within the PEH system as it aids in accurately routing the funds to the correct state. The remaining three digits in the BSB number, 395, identify the specific branch of Westpac Bank.

These digits, unique to each bank branch, ensure that the funds are directed to the precise location, in this case, the branch situated at 87 Macquarie St in Dubbo.

The Usefulness of BSB Number Breakdown

Breaking down and interpreting a BSB number provides valuable insights into the corresponding bank and branch. The BSB number 032-395, as analyzed earlier, not only identifies Westpac Bank (WBC) but also pinpoints the location of the branch in Dubbo, NSW.

This breakdown is particularly helpful for individuals and businesses when making transactions or clarifying banking details. It ensures that payments are directed accurately and without delay.

Moreover, by confirming the bank and branch details through the BSB number, it minimizes the chances of errors and miscommunication. Additionally, the structure of BSB numbers allows for efficient processing and routing of funds within the PEH system.

The consistent format and organization enable the system to quickly identify the destination bank, state, and specific branch, ensuring seamless transfer of funds.


The PEH system, in conjunction with BSB numbers, plays a vital role in the banking system, enhancing efficiency and security. By utilizing the PEH system, banks can reliably process, authenticate, and route payments, ensuring accurate and timely fund transfers.

BSB numbers are a crucial component within this system as they serve as unique identifiers for specific bank branches, enabling accurate routing and verification of transactions. Understanding the structure and significance of BSB numbers allows individuals and businesses to navigate the banking system with confidence and reliability.

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