Bank Code Verified

034-664, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Cairns, QLD

BSB Number: 034-664

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: Shop 117 Cairns Central Shp Centre

City: Cairns

State: QLD

Postcode: 4870

System: PEHto BSB numbers: Crucial for Banking Operations

In the world of banking, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. One key component that ensures seamless transactions is the BSB number.

Standing for “Bank-State-Branch,” BSB numbers play a crucial role in the identification and routing of funds. In this article, we will delve into the importance of BSB numbers and how they streamline banking operations for financial institutions and their customers.

I. What are BSB numbers?

– BSB numbers are a unique six-digit numerical code assigned to every bank branch in Australia. They enable the identification of a specific financial institution and its associated location.

– Each BSB number consists of two parts: a three-digit bank code and a three-digit branch code. II.

The importance of BSB numbers in the banking system

a. Identification of Financial Institutions

– BSB numbers play a vital role in distinguishing one bank from another.

With thousands of financial institutions across Australia, accurate identification becomes essential. – By using BSB numbers, banks can differentiate themselves and provide their customers with reliable banking services.

b. Routing of funds

– The primary purpose of BSB numbers is to route funds accurately within the banking system.

They facilitate the smooth transfer of money between accounts regardless of the financial institution. – When initiating a transfer, BSB numbers help identify the recipient’s bank and branch, ensuring that the funds reach the intended destination promptly.

c. Enhanced efficiency

– BSB numbers contribute to the efficient processing of transactions.

By implementing standardized codes, banks and other financial institutions minimize errors and delays in fund transfers. – With BSB numbers, customers can confidently make payments and transfers, knowing that their money will be routed accurately.

III. How BSB numbers are used for identification and routing of funds



– When a customer provides their BSB number to another person or organization, it clearly indicates the bank and branch they are associated with, providing immediate identification. – Whether for salary deposits, customer payments, or customer service inquiries, BSB numbers enable efficient communication between the parties involved.

b. Routing of funds

– When making a payment or transfer, customers are required to input the recipient’s BSB number.

This number acts as a crucial element in directing the funds to the correct bank and branch. – The BSB number, combined with the recipient’s account number, helps ensure accurate routing, significantly reducing the chances of funds going astray.

c. Verification and authentication

– BSB numbers also act as a security measure in the banking system.

When customers provide their BSB numbers during transactions, it serves as a verification tool, confirming that the intended recipient is associated with the correct bank and branch. – This verification ensures that fraudulent activities are minimized and that funds are transferred to the right account.

IV. The role of BSB numbers in customer convenience


Ease of account management

– BSB numbers streamline various banking activities for customers. Whether it is setting up regular payments or transferring funds to other accounts, BSB numbers simplify the process.

– Customers can quickly provide their BSB numbers to others, ensuring their payments are correctly directed and avoiding the hassle of incorrect transfers. b.

Seamless financial organization interactions

– For organizations, including businesses and government agencies, BSB numbers ensure efficient transactions with their customers. The use of BSB numbers enables efficient processing of customer payments, leading to smoother financial interactions.

c. Accessibility and transparency in the banking system

– In the modern era, BSB numbers have become publicly accessible information.

By openly sharing BSB numbers, banks foster transparency and empower customers to make informed decisions about their financial transactions.


BSB numbers play an instrumental role in the Australian banking system by facilitating identification and enabling the smooth routing of funds. By incorporating these unique codes into their processes, financial institutions ensure accurate and efficient money transfers for their customers.

Understanding the importance of BSB numbers helps individuals and organizations navigate the complex world of banking with confidence and ease. Topic 3: PEH System: Enhancing Efficiency in Fund Transfers

Efficiency is a top priority in the banking system, and technology plays a significant role in achieving it.

One such technological advancement is the PEH system. In this section, we will explore what the PEH system entails and its relationship with the BSB number provided (034-664).

I. Understanding the PEH System


PEH, which stands for Payments Electronic Hub, is a centralized system used by banks to process and manage electronic fund transfers.


The PEH system acts as an intermediary between various financial institutions, ensuring the seamless transfer of funds. c.

It enables quick and secure transactions by electronically routing payments between different banks and branches. II.

How the PEH System Relates to the BSB Number (034-664)

a. Efficient fund transfers

The PEH system works hand in hand with BSB numbers to enhance the efficiency of fund transfers within the banking system.

When a customer initiates a payment or transfer, the PEH system utilizes the BSB number to direct the funds to the appropriate bank and branch. In this case, the BSB number (034-664) belongs to Westpac Bank’s Cairns Central Shop Centre branch in Cairns, QLD.

b. Seamless interbank transactions

The PEH system facilitates interbank transactions by leveraging BSB numbers.

When a customer from one bank initiates a transfer or payment to a customer of another bank, the PEH system utilizes the BSB number to route the funds accurately. By incorporating BSB numbers within the PEH system, banks can ensure efficient and error-free transfer of funds between different financial institutions.

c. Enhanced convenience for customers

The combination of the PEH system and BSB numbers offers convenience to customers.

Through this integration, customers can initiate transfers or payments with confidence, knowing that their funds will be securely and promptly directed to the intended recipient’s bank and branch. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure: Unlocking the Code

BSB numbers may seem like a random combination of digits, but each number holds significance within the structure.

Let’s explore the format and structure of BSB numbers and break down the interpretation of the BSB number given (034-664). I.

Format and Structure of BSB Numbers

a. A BSB number consists of six digits, separated into two parts: a three-digit bank code and a three-digit branch code.

b. The first two digits of the BSB number represent the bank code, while the last four digits represent the branch code.

c. The bank code identifies the financial institution, while the branch code identifies the specific branch of that bank.

II. Interpretation of the BSB Number (034-664)


Bank Code: 034

The first two digits of the BSB number, 034, represent the bank code. In this case, the bank code corresponds to Westpac Bank.

Each bank in Australia has its unique bank code. b.

Branch Code: 664

The last four digits of the BSB number, 664, signify the branch code. Branch codes differentiate between various branches of a specific bank.

In this case, the branch code corresponds to Westpac Bank’s Cairns Central Shop Centre branch. III.

Significance of Different Digits within the BSB Number

a. Bank Code

– The first digit of the bank code identifies the banking industry.

In this case, the digit 0 represents the banking industry. – The second digit signifies the region where the bank is headquartered.

For Westpac Bank, the digit 3 indicates that its headquarters are located in New South Wales. b.

Branch Code

– The significance of the first digit of the branch code varies depending on the individual bank’s internal coding system and may represent different traits or criteria set by the bank. – The second and third digits of the branch code typically denote the specific branch within a particular bank.

By understanding the structure and significance of different digits within the BSB number, customers and organizations can gain insights into the associated bank and branch, making it easier to initiate transactions or inquiries confidently. In conclusion, the PEH system and BSB numbers work hand in hand to enhance efficiency in the banking system.

The PEH system utilizes BSB numbers to accurately route funds and facilitate seamless interbank transactions. Understanding the format and structure of BSB numbers allows customers to interpret and utilize them effectively for their banking needs.

By harnessing the power of technology and BSB numbers, the Australian banking system continues to evolve, ensuring swift and secure fund transfers for all.

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