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037-642, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Kingston, TAS

BSB Number: 037-642

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: 33 Channel Street

City: Kingston

State: TAS

Postcode: 7050

System: PEHto BSB numbers

Have you ever wondered what those seemingly random numbers attached to your bank account are? Well, those numbers are known as BSB numbers, and they play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the banking system.

In this article, we will dive into the world of BSB numbers, their importance, and how they are used for identification and routing of funds. What are BSB numbers?

BSB stands for Bank State Branch, and it is a unique identification number that is assigned to each bank branch in Australia. These numbers are six digits long and are used to differentiate banks and branches from one another.

Importance of BSB numbers in the banking system

BSB numbers play a vital role in the banking system for several reasons. Firstly, they are used to identify the financial institution and the specific branch associated with an account.

This information is crucial for various banking operations, such as fund transfers, direct debits, and direct credits.

Routing funds with BSB numbers

When you initiate a fund transfer, the BSB number is used to route the funds to the correct destination. The first two digits of the BSB number represent the financial institution, while the remaining four digits indicate the specific branch.

This way, the funds are directed to the intended bank and branch efficiently.

Using BSB numbers for identification

BSB numbers also serve as a form of identification. When you provide your BSB number to someone, it allows them to identify your bank and branch.

For example, when setting up direct debits, you often need to provide your BSB number to the service provider. This helps them ensure that they are debiting the correct account associated with the provided BSB number.

BSB numbers and online banking

With the rise of online banking, BSB numbers have become even more important. When you make an online payment or initiate a transfer, the system prompts you to enter the BSB number along with the account number.

This double authentication ensures that the funds are going to the intended recipient. Additionally, many online platforms use BSB numbers to verify the accuracy of entered bank account details, reducing the risk of incorrect transfers.

Benefits of BSB numbers

BSB numbers bring many benefits to the banking system. One of the key advantages is that they help streamline the processing of fund transfers.

By using BSB numbers as an identifier, banks can quickly route funds to the correct branches, reducing errors and saving time. This efficiency ultimately benefits customers by ensuring that their funds are transferred promptly.

Moreover, BSB numbers also enhance the security of financial transactions. By requiring the BSB number alongside the account number, banks can add an extra layer of authentication, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

In summary, BSB numbers are a crucial component of the banking system in Australia. They provide a unique identification for each bank branch and help in the routing and identification of funds.

Whether you are making an online payment or setting up direct debits, BSB numbers play a vital role in ensuring that your transactions are processed accurately and securely. So next time you see those six digits alongside your bank account, remember their importance in keeping the financial wheels turning smoothly.

PEH System and its relation to the BSB number 037-642

In addition to understanding what BSB numbers are and how they are used in the banking system, it is important to delve into the various systems and codes that support their functionality. One such system is the PEH (Personal Electronic House) system, which relates to the BSB number 037-642 provided.

In this section, we will explore what the PEH system stands for and how it connects to the BSB number. The PEH system, also known as the Personal Electronic House system, is an electronic banking platform used by Westpac Bank.

It provides customers with a wide range of services, including account management, fund transfers, bill payments, and online banking. This system acts as the digital portal through which customers can access and control their accounts from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Now, let’s understand how the PEH system is connected to the BSB number 037-642. This BSB number belongs to Westpac Bank, which indicates that the bank and its respective branch are part of the PEH system.

When customers access their accounts through the PEH system, they input their BSB number along with their account details to gain access to the specific branch and services associated with that BSB number. The PEH system not only allows customers to conduct basic banking transactions but also provides a secure platform for online payments and the management of financial information.

With the rise of digital banking, the PEH system has become an essential tool for Westpac Bank customers to conveniently and securely perform various financial activities.

Understanding BSB number structure and interpretation

To better comprehend the significance of the BSB number 037-642, let’s examine the structure and interpretation of BSB numbers in general. BSB numbers comprise six digits and are organized into three parts: the financial institution, the state, and the individual branch.

The first two digits of a BSB number represent the financial institution. In the case of the BSB number 037-642, “03” identifies Westpac Bank as the financial institution.

This means that any account associated with the BSB starting with “03” belongs to Westpac Bank. The next two digits represent the state where the branch is located.

In this instance, “7” indicates the state of Tasmania. Therefore, any branch of Westpac Bank with the BSB number starting with “03-7” is situated in Tasmania.

The final two digits distinguish individual branches within the designated state. In the BSB number 037-642, “42” identifies a specific branch of Westpac Bank in Kingston, Tasmania.

By breaking down the BSB number 037-642, we can now interpret that it corresponds to a Westpac Bank branch located in Kingston, Tasmania. This information is essential for various banking operations, such as fund transfers within Westpac Bank or to other financial institutions.

It is worth noting that BSB numbers are specific to Australian financial institutions and are not used internationally. Each bank has its unique range of BSB numbers assigned to its various branches, ensuring accurate identification and routing of funds within the domestic banking system.


The PEH system, or Personal Electronic House system, functions as an electronic platform for Westpac Bank, providing customers with a host of banking services through their BSB numbers. Understanding the structure and interpretation of BSB numbers, such as the BSB number 037-642, enables customers to identify the associated bank, the state of the branch, and the specific branch itself.

This knowledge facilitates seamless and secure financial operations within the Australian banking system.

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