Bank Code Verified

063-523, BSB Number for Commonwealth Bank, Corio, VIC

BSB Number: 063-523

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Financial Institution: CBA

Address: Shop G051B Bacchus Marsh Rd

City: Corio

State: VIC

Postcode: 3214

System: PEHto BSB Numbers

When it comes to the intricacies of the banking system, BSB numbers play a pivotal role. These numbers might seem like a jumble of digits, but they hold great importance in the world of financial transactions.

In this article, we will delve into the world of BSB numbers, explaining what they are, how they are used for identification and routing of funds, and why they are essential for seamless money transfers. I.

Understanding BSB Numbers:

– Definition and purpose of BSB numbers

– Composition and format of BSB numbers

– Different types of BSB numbers and their significance

II. Importance of BSB Numbers in the Banking System:

– Unique identification of banks and branches

– Facilitating accurate and secure fund transfers

– Ensuring compliance with banking regulations and standards


How BSB Numbers are Used for Identification and Routing of Funds:

A. Identification of Banks and Branches:

– Understanding the structure of BSB numbers

– Identifying the financial institution and location


Facilitating Efficient Money Transfers:

– Establishing connectivity between banks

– Determining the correct destination for funds

– Minimizing errors and delays in transactions

C. Ensuring Compliance and Security:

– Regulatory requirements for BSB numbers

– Anti-money laundering and fraud prevention measures

– Enhancing the overall integrity of the banking system


Examples of BSB Number Usage in the Commonwealth Bank:

A. Commonwealth Bank Overview:

-to the Commonwealth Bank

– Its role as a leading financial institution in Australia

– Range of banking services provided


How Commonwealth Bank Utilizes BSB Numbers:

– Incorporating BSB numbers into customer accounts

– Enabling smooth intra-bank transfers

– Streamlining inter-bank transactions through BSB numbers

V. Conclusion

By understanding the ins and outs of BSB numbers, we can appreciate how they contribute to the seamless functioning of the banking system.

Whether you’re transferring funds or receiving payments, these numbers ensure that your money reaches the right destination with speed and accuracy. So the next time you encounter a BSB number, remember its significance in the world of banking and finance.

PEH System and Its Relationship with BSB Numbers

In the realm of banking, numerous systems and processes work together to ensure the smooth flow of funds. One such system is the PEH system, which stands for Payment Entry Hub.

In this section, we will explore what the PEH system entails and its connection to the BSB number provided. I.

Understanding the PEH System:

A. Definition and Purpose:

The Payment Entry Hub (PEH) system is a centralized platform used by financial institutions to process and route electronic payments efficiently.

It acts as a hub for various types of transactions, including direct deposits, wire transfers, and bill payments. B.

Key Functions of the PEH System:

1. Validation: The PEH system validates the accuracy and completeness of payment information before initiating the transfer.

2. Routing: It determines the most appropriate route for processing the payment based on the provided BSB number and other relevant details.

3. Settlement: Once the transaction is processed, the PEH system facilitates the settlement between the sender’s and receiver’s financial institutions.

II. Relationship Between the PEH System and BSB Numbers:


Integration of BSB Numbers:

The BSB number acts as a crucial input within the PEH system, allowing it to identify the specific financial institution and branch associated with the account. B.

BSB Number and Validation:

1. Verification of Financial Institution: The BSB number helps the PEH system validate the accuracy of the financial institution associated with the transaction to ensure compliance with banking regulations.

2. Validation of Account Information: Alongside the account number, the BSB number assists the PEH system in verifying the legitimacy of the account linked to the payment.

C. BSB Number and Routing:


Identifying the Receiving Financial Institution: When a payment is initiated, the PEH system refers to the BSB number to determine the correct receiving bank and branch. 2.

Efficient Transfer of Funds: By utilizing the BSB number, the PEH system ensures that the funds are routed accurately and swiftly to the intended destination. III.

Understanding the Structure and Significance of BSB Numbers:

A. Composition of BSB Numbers:

BSB numbers consist of six digits, divided into three parts: the bank code, branch code, and financial institution code.

B. Significance of Different Digits within the BSB Number:


Bank Code: The first two digits represent the bank code, identifying the specific financial institution within the banking system. 2.

Branch Code: The following two digits identify the branch associated with the account, indicating the physical location where the account is held. 3.

Financial Institution Code: The last two digits represent the financial institution code, distinguishing between different branches of the same bank. IV.

Interpretation of the Given BSB Number (063-523):

The BSB number 063-523 belongs to the Commonwealth Bank and corresponds to the branch located at Shop G051B, Bacchus Marsh Rd, Corio, VIC, with the postcode 3214. By dissecting the BSB number, we can interpret its various components:

– Bank Code: 06 refers to the Commonwealth Bank.

– Branch Code: 3-5 identifies the specific branch in Corio. – Financial Institution Code: The last two digits, 2-3, indicate further differentiation within the branch.

With the help of the PEH system and the BSB number, the Commonwealth Bank can seamlessly process transactions, ensuring secure and efficient transfers of funds. Understanding the intricacies of the PEH system and the significance of BSB numbers allows us to comprehend the behind-the-scenes workings of the banking system.

These systems work hand in hand to guarantee that our financial transactions are handled accurately, securely, and promptly. By continuing to deepen our understanding, we can navigate the world of banking with confidence and make the most of the services offered by financial institutions.

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