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084-912, BSB Number for National Australia Bank, Townsville, QLD

BSB Number: 084-912

Bank: National Australia Bank

Financial Institution: NAB

Address: Ground Floor 21 Walker St

City: Townsville

State: QLD

Postcode: 4810

System: PEHto BSB numbers:

When it comes to the world of banking, there are many terms that may seem unfamiliar and confusing. One such term is BSB numbers.

But fear not! In this article, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to BSB numbers, explaining what they are and why they are important in the banking system. We will also delve into how BSB numbers are used for identification and routing of funds, shedding light on their practical significance.

So, let’s dive right in!

What are BSB numbers? BSB stands for “Bank-State-Branch” and is a unique identification code assigned to each branch of a bank in Australia.

These six-digit numbers were introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia in the early 1970s as a means to streamline banking processes and facilitate electronic funds transfers. Essentially, BSB numbers serve as an address for a particular bank branch, allowing for smooth communication and efficient transfer of funds between financial institutions.

The importance of BSB numbers in the banking system:

BSB numbers play a crucial role in the banking system by enabling accurate and secure routing of funds. Every financial institution in Australia, including banks and credit unions, has its own unique BSB number.

This unique code helps to identify the specific bank and branch involved in a transaction, ensuring that the funds reach the intended recipient without any errors or delays. Identification and routing of funds using BSB numbers:

When you initiate a transfer of funds, whether it’s through online banking, a mobile app, or in-person at a bank branch, you will be required to provide the recipient’s BSB number.

This BSB number not only identifies the recipient’s bank but also ensures that the funds are directed to the correct branch within that bank. Once the BSB number is provided, the banking system utilizes this information to route the funds accurately.

The BSB number acts as a routing code, directing the transfer to the specific branch associated with that number. Without the correct BSB number, the funds could be mistakenly sent to an incorrect branch or even a different bank altogether, leading to potential loss or delay of funds.

It’s worth noting that BSB numbers are not only used for individual transfers but also for direct debits, salary payments, bill payments, and other types of electronic transactions. In these cases, the BSB number plays a critical role in automating the process and ensuring that the funds are directed to the correct recipient.

In conclusion, BSB numbers are a fundamental component of the banking system in Australia. Their purpose is to enable the accurate identification and routing of funds between banks and branches.

By providing a unique code for each branch, BSB numbers streamline banking processes and enhance the efficiency and security of electronic funds transfers. So, the next time you make a payment or transfer funds, remember the importance of those six digits they are the key to ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction.

PEH System:

Within the context of BSB numbers, the acronym PEH refers to the Payment, EFTPOS, and Home Banking System. This system is an integral part of the Australian banking infrastructure and is responsible for the processing of various electronic funds transfers.

The PEH system enables individuals and businesses to make payments electronically through methods such as EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) terminals, online banking, and mobile banking applications. Additionally, it facilitates direct debits, bill payments, and other types of electronic transactions.

In relation to the provided BSB number (084-912), the PEH system ensures that funds directed to the National Australia Bank’s Townsville branch (located at Ground Floor 21 Walker St, Townsville, QLD, postcode 4810) are efficiently and securely transferred. By integrating the PEH system with the BSB number, the bank ensures a seamless flow of funds between various financial institutions.

Understanding BSB Number Structure:

Now that we have covered the basics of BSB numbers and their importance, let’s delve further into the structure and format of these unique identification codes. BSB numbers consist of six digits arranged in a specific pattern, and each digit carries a particular significance, contributing to the overall identification and routing of funds.

The first two digits of a BSB number represent the bank code. In the case of the provided BSB number (084-912), the bank code corresponds to the National Australia Bank (NAB).

The bank code is a standardized identifier assigned to each financial institution in Australia and serves as an initial sorting mechanism within the banking system. The following three digits make up the state code, which designates the specific state or territory in which the branch is located.

In this instance, QLD signifies that the National Australia Bank’s Townsville branch operates within Queensland. The final digit, known as the branch code, differentiates between individual branches within a bank.

It helps to identify the exact location of a branch and is crucial for directing funds accurately. In the case of the provided BSB number (084-912), the branch code “912” specifically identifies the Ground Floor 21 Walker St branch in Townsville.

To summarize, the BSB number structure consists of a bank code (first two digits), state code (next three digits), and branch code (last digit). This format ensures a standardized and organized system of identifying and routing funds within the Australian banking network.

Interpreting the provided BSB number:

Now that we have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and significance of BSB numbers, let’s interpret the provided BSB number (084-912) in greater detail. The bank code “08” identifies National Australia Bank (NAB) as the financial institution associated with this BSB number.

As one of the largest banks in Australia, NAB provides a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The state code “4” signifies that the specific branch is located in Queensland (QLD).

As Queensland is a vast state, the state code helps narrow down the location of the branch within this region. Lastly, the branch code “912” distinguishes the Ground Floor 21 Walker St branch in Townsville.

This particular branch is physically situated at this address, serving the banking needs of the local community in Townsville and its surrounding areas. By understanding and interpreting the BSB number provided, individuals can accurately route their funds to the correct National Australia Bank branch in Townsville, ensuring a seamless and efficient transfer process.

In conclusion, the PEH System, along with the structure and format of BSB numbers, plays a fundamental role in the Australian banking system. The PEH system facilitates electronic funds transfers, while BSB numbers serve as unique identification codes for different bank branches.

By interpreting the components of a BSB number and understanding their significance, individuals can ensure accurate and secure routing of funds to the desired branch. So, the next time you come across a BSB number, remember that it carries valuable information and contributes to the smooth functioning of Australia’s banking infrastructure.

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