Bank Code Verified

086-341, BSB Number for National Australia Bank, Docklands, VIC

BSB Number: 086-341

Bank: National Australia Bank

Financial Institution: NAB

Address: 1880 UB 800 Bourke St

City: Docklands

State: VIC

Postcode: 3008

System: PEHto BSB numbers: Unlocking the Secrets of the Banking System

Have you ever wondered how banks efficiently handle the routing and identification of funds? Behind the scenes of every banking transaction lies a vital alphanumeric code known as the BSB number.

In this article, we will delve into the world of BSB numbers, understanding their significance and how they facilitate seamless financial transactions. Let’s embark on this journey of unraveling the mysteries of the banking system.

Topic 1:to BSB numbers

BSB numbers, which stands for “Bank, State, Branch” numbers, are a unique identification code assigned to each financial institution by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA). These codes play a crucial role in the banking system, ensuring accurate and secure transfer of funds between accounts.

Used for identification and routing of funds

1. Identification: Each BSB number corresponds to a specific bank, state, and branch, acting as an identifier for the financial institution involved in a transaction.

This eliminates any ambiguity and allows banks to precisely locate the account associated with the BSB number. 2.

Routing: When transferring funds, BSB numbers enable the efficient routing of money to the intended recipient. By recognizing the destination bank and branch, the BSB number determines the exact path the funds should take, ensuring a seamless and error-free transaction.

3. Domestic and international transactions: BSB numbers are primarily used for domestic transactions within Australia.

However, for international remittances, BSB numbers are often combined with other codes, such as SWIFT codes, to facilitate the global transfer of funds. 4.

Verification: BSB numbers also serve as a verification tool, ensuring that the account number provided by the sender matches the branch associated with the BSB number. This additional step of verification enhances the security of financial transactions and minimizes the risk of erroneous transfers.

Topic 2: National Australia Bank (NAB)

In focus: National Australia Bank, Driving Financial Excellence

In the vast landscape of Australian banking, National Australia Bank (NAB) stands as a prominent player, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. With a history spanning back to 1858, NAB has evolved into one of the country’s major financial institutions, driving financial excellence and innovating within the banking industry.

1. Overview: NAB, headquartered in Docklands, Melbourne, operates across Australia and New Zealand, serving millions of customers.

Its extensive branch and ATM network ensures accessibility for account holders in urban and regional areas alike. NAB’s commitment to customer service and its diverse array of product offerings make it a reliable choice for anyone seeking financial solutions.

2. Product portfolio: NAB provides an extensive range of banking services, catering to various customer needs.

From everyday transaction accounts to savings accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and mortgages, NAB covers it all. Their specialized business banking division assists enterprises with tailored financial solutions, while wealth management services provide investment and superannuation options for individuals looking to grow their wealth.

3. Digital presence: Recognizing the growing need for technology-driven banking, NAB has invested heavily in its digital platforms.

Their mobile banking app and online banking portal offer a convenient and secure way to manage finances on the go. With features like instant payments, account balances, and budgeting tools, NAB continually strives to enhance the customer experience through technology.

4. Corporate responsibility: NAB understands the importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

They actively engage in initiatives that support communities, empower employees, and minimize environmental impacts. NAB’s commitment to social responsibility showcases their dedication to making a positive difference in society beyond the realm of banking.


BSB numbers are the invisible threads that weave the seamless fabric of the banking system. These unique identification codes ensure accurate routing and secure transfer of funds between financial institutions.

Understanding the importance of BSB numbers demystifies the complexity of financial transactions, providing peace of mind to customers and facilitating the smooth operation of the banking system. So, the next time you initiate a transaction, remember the power behind those six digits that keep the wheels of finance turning.

Topic 3: PEH System: Innovation in the Banking World

In the dynamic realm of banking, staying ahead of the game requires continuous innovation and improvement. One such innovation is the PEH system, which stands for Payment Entry Hub.

This cutting-edge system has revolutionized the way financial transactions are processed, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. The PEH system is a comprehensive payment processing platform developed by the National Australia Bank (NAB).

It serves as a central hub for the management and routing of payments within the bank’s operations. The system encompasses various functions, including the processing of domestic payments, international remittances, and even real-time payments.

How does the PEH system relate to BSB numbers? The PEH system is directly linked to the BSB numbers used in the Australian banking system.

When a payment is initiated, the BSB number associated with the recipient’s account plays a crucial role in ensuring that the funds are accurately routed to the intended destination. The PEH system relies on the BSB number to determine the appropriate payment channels and processes.

By integrating the BSB number into the PEH system, NAB can streamline payment processing, reduce errors and delays, and improve overall operational efficiency. The PEH system recognizes the BSB number as a vital piece of information that facilitates smooth and accurate fund transfers.

This integration between the PEH system and BSB numbers is crucial in ensuring the seamless functioning of the banking system. Topic 4: Understanding BSB number structure: Unmasking the Codes

BSB numbers, as previously mentioned, are composed of six digits, each holding its own unique significance.

By understanding the structure and meaning behind these digits, we can decipher and interpret the information conveyed within a BSB number.

Format and structure of BSB numbers

BSB numbers follow a consistent format: XXX-XXX. The first three digits represent the bank code, while the remaining three digits signify the branch code.

Together, they form a unique identifier for each financial institution and its specific branch location.

Significance of different digits

1. Bank code: The first three digits of a BSB number indicate the specific bank associated with the account.

For example, in the BSB number 086-341, the bank code “086” corresponds to the National Australia Bank (NAB). 2.

Branch code: The last three digits of a BSB number denote the particular branch within the bank. In the BSB number 086-341, the branch code “341” identifies the branch location at 800 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC.

This combination of bank and branch code allows for precise identification and routing of funds within the banking system.

Breaking down and interpreting the BSB number provided

Let’s take a closer look at the BSB number 086-341 provided earlier:

– Bank code: The bank code “086” indicates that the account is associated with the National Australia Bank (NAB). This code is unique to NAB and allows the PEH system to recognize the recipient’s bank accurately.

– Branch code: The branch code “341” provides valuable information about the specific branch address. In this case, the BSB number directs the funds to the NAB branch located at 800 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC 3008.

This breakdown and interpretation of the BSB number 086-341 showcase how these six digits hold essential information about the recipient’s bank and branch location. Through the integration with the PEH system, this information is utilized to route the funds accurately and efficiently.


The PEH system and BSB numbers are both integral components of the Australian banking system. The PEH system, with its advanced payment processing capabilities, relies on the BSB number for accurate identification and routing of funds.

Understanding the structure and meaning behind BSB numbers enables individuals and institutions to interpret the information conveyed within these numeric codes. Familiarizing ourselves with the intricacies of the PEH system and the structure of BSB numbers brings us one step closer to demystifying the complexities of the banking world.

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