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086-484, BSB Number for National Australia Bank, Wanneroo, WA

BSB Number: 086-484

Bank: National Australia Bank

Financial Institution: NAB

Address: 11 Rocca Way

City: Wanneroo

State: WA

Postcode: 6065

System: PEHto BSB numbers:

When it comes to the intricate world of banking, there are various codes and numbers that play a crucial role in ensuring smooth financial transactions. One such code is the Bank State Branch (BSB) number.

In this article, we will delve into what BSB numbers are, their importance in the banking system, and how they are used for the identification and routing of funds. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of BSB numbers!

What are BSB numbers?

BSB numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each bank and branch within a country’s banking system. In Australia, these numbers are crucial to distinguish different financial institutions and their respective branches.

The BSB number consists of six digits, with the first two digits representing the financial institution and the remaining four digits designating the specific branch. Importance in the banking system:

Now that we understand what BSB numbers are, let’s explore their significance in the banking system.

BSB numbers act as a vital link between financial institutions, ensuring that funds are routed accurately and efficiently. Each BSB number serves as a code that enables the identification of banks and branches, facilitating smooth transfers of funds between accounts.

Identification and routing of funds:

BSB numbers are instrumental in identifying the recipient bank and branch when initiating a financial transaction. When you provide the BSB number along with the account number during a transaction, it helps the banking system locate the precise branch where the funds need to be transferred.

This process ensures that the funds reach the intended recipient seamlessly, without any hiccups. Additionally, BSB numbers play a crucial role in routing funds within the banking system.

When a transaction is initiated, the system uses the BSB number to direct the transfer towards the correct branch. This routing mechanism ensures that funds are allocated accurately, preventing any unintended errors or delays.

The ease of identification and routing made possible by BSB numbers significantly reduces the chances of misdirected funds or erroneous transfers. The use of BSB numbers adds a layer of security and reliability to financial transactions, giving customers peace of mind.


BSB numbers are a vital component of the Australian banking system. Their unique identification codes and routing capabilities make them essential for the efficient and accurate transfer of funds between accounts.

Understanding the importance of BSB numbers can empower customers to make informed and secure financial transactions. So, the next time you enter your BSB number, remember its vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of funds within the banking system.

Topic 3: PEH System:

In the complex world of banking, there are various systems and processes in place to ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of funds. One such system is the Partial Electronic House (PEH) system.

In this section, we will explore what the PEH system stands for and how it relates to the provided BSB number. The PEH system, also known as the Partial Electronic House system, is a method used by banks to process certain types of transactions.

It is a legacy system that was originally developed to handle transactions that couldn’t be processed electronically from start to finish. These transactions typically involve checks or physical documents that need to be processed manually.

In the context of BSB numbers, the PEH system is significant because it determines how the funds are processed and routed within the banking system. When a transaction involves a bank branch that operates on the PEH system, special considerations are made to ensure that the funds are processed correctly.

Now, let’s explore how the BSB number provided (086-484) relates to the PEH system. The first digit of a BSB number signifies the state in which the bank branch is located.

In this case, the BSB number starts with 0, indicating that the branch is located in Western Australia (WA). The second and third digits of the BSB number (86) represent the financial institution.

In this scenario, it corresponds to the National Australia Bank (NAB). These first three digits, when combined, provide identification for the bank and branch involved.

The remaining three digits (484) in the BSB number designate the specific branch within the financial institution. These digits help in distinguishing the individual branch within the National Australia Bank network.

In relation to the PEH system, the BSB number (086-484) indicates that the branch located at 11 Rocca Way, in Wanneroo, WA operates on the PEH system for certain types of transactions. This means that transactions involving checks or physical documents at this branch may require manual processing to ensure the proper routing of funds.

Understanding the structure:

To gain a deeper understanding of BSB numbers, it is essential to know their structure. BSB numbers consist of six digits, as mentioned earlier.

Each digit holds significance and contributes to the identification and routing of funds within the banking system. Let’s break down the structure of the BSB number (086-484) and understand the significance of each digit:

– The first digit (0) represents the state where the branch is located.

In this case, it signifies Western Australia (WA). This digit helps in identifying the general region of the branch within the country.

– The second and third digits (86) designate the financial institution. In this instance, it corresponds to the National Australia Bank (NAB).

These digits differentiate NAB from other financial institutions in the banking system. – The last four digits (484) indicate the specific branch within the financial institution.

These digits enable the precise identification of the branch in question, distinguishing it from other branches operated by NAB. In summary, the BSB number (086-484) consists of the state identifier (0), the financial institution identifier (86), and the branch identifier (484).

The combination of these digits ensures that funds are accurately identified and routed within the banking system. Conclusion:

The PEH system plays a significant role in the processing and routing of funds within the banking system.

Understanding its relationship with the provided BSB number (086-484) helps us comprehend how certain transactions may be processed differently due to the PEH system’s involvement. Additionally, comprehending the structure and significance of BSB numbers enables customers to have a deeper understanding of the identification and routing processes within the banking system.

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