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122-704, BSB Number for Bank of Queensland, Newstead, QLD

BSB Number: 122-704

Bank: Bank of Queensland

Financial Institution: BQL

Address: 100 Skyring Terrace

City: Newstead

State: QLD

Postcode: 4006

System: PEH

Banking System Basics: Understanding BSB Numbers and the Bank of QueenslandImagine a world without a reliable system for identifying and routing funds. Chaos would ensue, making financial transactions cumbersome and unreliable.

Luckily, the banking system has a solution: BSB numbers. In this article, we will dive into the world of BSB numbers, their significance in the banking system, and specifically explore the Bank of Queensland, a leading financial institution in Australia.

Topic 1:to BSB numbers

What are BSB numbers? BSB stands for Bank State Branch and is a unique set of numbers that identify a specific bank branch within Australia.

Each BSB number consists of six digits, with the first two representing the bank, the next two indicating the state, and the final two indicating the particular branch. The importance of BSB numbers in the banking system:

BSB numbers play a crucial role in ensuring seamless and accurate fund transfers between banks.

They provide a standardized way of identifying individual bank branches, making it easier for transactions to be routed correctly. Without BSB numbers, transfers would become a time-consuming process, prone to errors and delays.

How are BSB numbers used for identification and routing?

When initiating a bank transfer, individuals or businesses are required to provide BSB numbers along with the recipient’s account number.

This information enables the banking system to identify the specific branch and efficiently route the funds. BSB numbers act as the “address” for the recipient branch, ensuring that the money ends up in the right hands.

Topic 2: Bank of Queensland

The Bank of Queensland: A Brief Overview

The Bank of Queensland (BoQ) is a prominent financial institution in Australia, with a rich history dating back to 1874. It has grown its network to over 160 branches and serves more than one million customers nationwide.

BoQ is known for its commitment to customer service, community engagement, and innovative banking solutions. BSB number for Bank of Queensland:

The BSB number for Bank of Queensland is 122-704.

This unique identifier allows the banking system to identify the Bank of Queensland as a whole, and further, the specific branch associated with the given BSB number. Bank of Queensland’s Financial Institution: BQL

Within the framework of the banking system, each financial institution is assigned a three-letter code.

For the Bank of Queensland, this code is BQL. When involved in financial transactions or providing banking-related information, this code helps to identify the institution, making processes more efficient and secure.

Address and Location:

The head office for the Bank of Queensland is situated at 100 Skyring Terrace, Newstead, QLD 4006. This address serves as a central hub for administrative and operational activities, overseeing the bank’s extensive branch network across the country.

System: PEH

The PEH system refers to the payment system used by the Bank of Queensland. PEH stands for Payments Engine Hub, a technology platform that enables seamless and efficient processing of financial transactions.

By utilizing this system, BoQ ensures secure and reliable fund transfers for its customers. Conclusion:

Understanding the significance of BSB numbers in the banking system is crucial for seamless and accurate financial transactions.

With the example of the Bank of Queensland, we have explored the role of BSB numbers in identifying and routing funds within the banking system. Furthermore, we have delved into the key details of the Bank of Queensland, including their BSB number, financial institution code, address, and payment system.

By familiarizing ourselves with these concepts, we can navigate the world of banking with confidence and clarity. Topic 3: PEH System

The PEH System: Simplifying and Streamlining Financial TransactionsIn the rapidly evolving world of banking and finance, the need for efficient payment systems has never been greater.

One such system making waves in the industry is the PEH system, an abbreviation for Payments Engine Hub. In this section, we will explore what the PEH system stands for, its role in facilitating seamless financial transactions, and how it relates to the BSB number provided by the Bank of Queensland.

What is the PEH system? The PEH system is a state-of-the-art technology platform utilized by the Bank of Queensland to process payments and facilitate fund transfers.

It serves as a central hub, handling various types of financial transactions, including direct deposits, electronic fund transfers, and bill payments. With its sophisticated infrastructure, the PEH system ensures accuracy, speed, and security for customers’ monetary exchanges.

Why is the PEH system important? The PEH system plays a pivotal role in the banking industry by enabling smooth and efficient movement of funds.

It brings together different financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and other organizations, onto a single platform, reducing the complexities associated with interbank transfers. By implementing the PEH system, the Bank of Queensland enhances customer experience, eliminates manual processes, and minimizes the risk of errors.

How does the PEH system relate to the BSB number? While the PEH system focuses on processing payments, the BSB number acts as an essential component in the identification and routing of funds.

When initiating a financial transaction through the PEH system, it is crucial to provide the BSB number of the recipient bank branch. This unique identifier ensures that funds are accurately directed to the intended location.

Consequently, the PEH system relies on the BSB number for effective end-to-end routing and delivery of payments within the banking system. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

Decoding BSB Numbers: Structure, Significance, and InterpretationThe BSB number, being an integral part of the banking system in Australia, has a specific format and structure.

By understanding this format and the significance of different digits within a BSB number, individuals can decode valuable information about a particular bank branch. In this section, we will outline the structure of BSB numbers and break down the given BSB number (122-704) to interpret its meaning.

The Format and Structure of BSB Numbers:

BSB numbers follow a consistent structure comprising six digits, often grouped into sets of two, separated by hyphens. Each digit within the BSB number holds its significance, communicating specific information about the bank and its branch.

Breaking Down BSB Number 122-704:

To understand the BSB number 122-704, let’s examine the different digits and their meanings:

1. The First Two Digits – Bank Identifier:

In the given BSB number (122-704), the first two digits (12) represent the bank identifier.

In this case, 12 corresponds to the Bank of Queensland. Each bank in Australia has a unique bank identifier assigned to it.

2. The Next Two Digits – State Identifier:

Moving on, the next two digits (2-2) in the BSB number (122-704) indicate the state identifier.

In this case, 2-2 represents the state of Queensland. These digits inform us that the bank branch associated with this BSB number is located in Queensland.

3. The Last Two Digits – Branch Identifier:

Lastly, the final two digits (04) in the BSB number (122-704) signify the branch identifier.

They indicate a particular branch of the Bank of Queensland. Each branch within a bank is assigned a unique branch identifier to distinguish it from other branches.

Interpreting BSB Number 122-704:

By deconstructing the BSB number 122-704, we can deduce that it belongs to the Bank of Queensland, specifically a branch located in Queensland identified by the number 04. Every time someone uses this BSB number for routing funds, the banking system will ensure that the money is directed to the correct branch.


Understanding the structure and significance of BSB numbers is crucial for accurate fund transfers within the banking system. By unraveling the BSB number 122-704, we have decoded its meaning, which denotes a specific Bank of Queensland branch in Queensland.

Combining this knowledge with an understanding of the PEH system, we are equipped to navigate the intricacies of the banking industry confidently and seamlessly.

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