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125-460, BSB Number for Bank of Queensland, Newstead, QLD

BSB Number: 125-460

Bank: Bank of Queensland

Financial Institution: BQL

Address: 100 Skyring Terrace

City: Newstead

State: QLD

Postcode: 4006

System: PEHto BSB Numbers: Identification and Routing of Funds in the Banking System

In the world of banking, there is a complex system of identification and routing that allows funds to be transferred seamlessly between accounts. At the heart of this system are BSB numbers, which play a crucial role in ensuring that your money ends up in the right place.

In this article, we will explore what BSB numbers are and why they are so important in the banking system. Topic 1: Explaining BSB Numbers and Their Importance


What are BSB numbers? – BSB stands for Bank State Branch, which is a unique numerical code used to identify individual bank branches.

– In Australia, BSB numbers comprise six digits and are assigned to every bank branch by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA). 2.

The importance of BSB numbers in the banking system

– BSB numbers are essential for accurately routing funds to the correct bank and branch. – Without BSB numbers, it would be nearly impossible to ensure that funds are directed to the intended recipient.

– BSB numbers also facilitate interbank transfers and allow for seamless transactions between different financial institutions. Topic 2: Bank of Queensland and Its BSB Number


Bank of Queensland: An Overview

– Bank of Queensland (BOQ) is one of Australia’s leading regional banks, offering a range of banking and financial services. – Established in 1874, BOQ has extensive experience in serving communities across Australia.

– With a focus on personalized service and innovative banking solutions, BOQ has gained a strong reputation in the industry. 2.

BSB number of Bank of Queensland

– The BSB number for Bank of Queensland is 125-460. – This six-digit code is unique to the Bank of Queensland’s Newstead branch in Queensland.

3. What the BSB number reveals

– The first two digits (125) of the BSB number represent the bank or financial institution.

– The third digit (4) relates to the state where the branch is located (Queensland in this case). – The remaining three digits (60) identify the specific branch within the bank.

4. How BSB numbers are used in identification and routing of funds at Bank of Queensland

– When initiating a funds transfer to a Bank of Queensland account, the sender must provide the recipient’s BSB number (125-460) along with their account number.

– This BSB number is crucial in ensuring that the funds reach the intended branch, Newstead, and the correct account within that branch. – Bank of Queensland uses the BSB number to route the funds internally, ensuring accurate delivery to the designated account.


Understanding BSB numbers and their significance in the banking system is essential for anyone involved in financial transactions. These unique codes play a vital role in identifying and routing funds, ensuring that your money reaches the right destination.

Bank of Queensland, with its BSB number 125-460, exemplifies how BSB numbers are used to facilitate seamless transfers within the banking system. So, the next time you transfer money, remember the importance of BSB numbers in making sure your funds go where they are meant to.

Topic 3: The PEH System: Its Relation to the BSB Number provided

In the world of banking, systems and processes are constantly evolving to ensure efficiency and accuracy. One such system is the PEH system, which stands for Payment Entry Hub.

The PEH system is an integral part of the banking infrastructure in Australia, and it is closely related to the BSB number provided for Bank of Queensland. 1.

What is the PEH system? – The Payment Entry Hub (PEH) system is a centralized processing platform used by financial institutions in Australia.

– It serves as a hub for incoming and outgoing payments, providing a streamlined and secure way to manage transactions. – The PEH system processes various types of payments, including direct debits, credits, and transfers between accounts.

– It ensures that funds are transferred accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors or delays. 2.

How does the PEH system relate to the BSB number? – The BSB number is an essential component of the PEH system, as it helps identify the recipient’s bank and branch.

– When funds are transferred to a Bank of Queensland account, the BSB number (125-460) is used to route the payment through the PEH system. – The PEH system relies on the BSB number to ensure that the funds are directed to the correct bank branch, Newstead, in this case.

3. Benefits of the PEH system

– The PEH system streamlines the payment process, reducing manual intervention and human errors.

– It provides faster and more efficient funds transfers, enhancing customer satisfaction. – The centralized nature of the PEH system allows for better tracking of payments, ensuring transparency and accountability.

– Financial institutions can leverage the PEH system to automate their payment processes and improve operational efficiency. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure: Format, Significance, and Interpretation

The BSB number follows a specific format, consisting of six digits.

Each digit within the BSB number holds significance and can be interpreted to reveal key information about the bank and branch. 1.

Format of BSB numbers

– BSB numbers in Australia consist of six digits, separated by a hyphen (e.g., 125-460). – The first two digits represent the bank or financial institution.

– The third digit indicates the state in which the bank branch is located. – The remaining three digits identify the specific branch within the bank.

2. Significance of different digits within the BSB number

– The first two digits (125) of the BSB number represent the bank.

In this case, it corresponds to Bank of Queensland. – The third digit (4) indicates the state where the branch is located, which is Queensland.

– The remaining three digits (60) identify the specific branch within Bank of Queensland, which is Newstead. 3.

Interpreting the given BSB number (125-460)

– The BSB number 125-460 corresponds to Bank of Queensland’s Newstead branch in Queensland. – The digits 125 indicate the Bank of Queensland as the financial institution.

– The digit 4 signifies that the branch is located in Queensland. – The digits 60 represent the specific Newstead branch within Bank of Queensland.

In summary, understanding the structure and significance of BSB numbers is key to accurately routing funds within the banking system. The PEH system, which serves as a hub for banking transactions, relies on BSB numbers to ensure that funds are directed to the correct bank branch.

The format of BSB numbers allows for easy identification and interpretation of critical information, such as the bank, state, and specific branch. By grasping the relationship between the PEH system and BSB numbers while understanding their structure, banking customers can have a clearer understanding of how their funds are processed and routed.

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