Bank Code Verified

403-205, BSB Number for Commonwealth Bank, Mildura, VIC

BSB Number: 403-205

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Financial Institution: CST

Address: 58-60 Langtree Mall

City: Mildura

State: VIC

Postcode: 3500

System: PEH


Have you ever wondered what those mysterious numbers on your bank statements mean? They may seem like a random collection of digits, but they actually hold a significant role in the banking system.

These numbers are known as BSB numbers, and they play a crucial role in identifying and routing funds. In this article, we will delve into the world of BSB numbers, specifically focusing on the Commonwealth Bank’s BSB number 403-205.

Join us on this journey as we explore the importance of BSB numbers and how they impact our banking experiences. TOPIC 1:


BSB numbers, or Bank State Branch numbers, are a unique set of digits assigned to each bank and branch in Australia.

They act as an identification code, helping to ensure that funds are directed to the correct financial institution and branch. BSB numbers consist of six digits, with the first two digits representing the bank code, and the remaining four digits indicating the specific branch.

The importance of BSB numbers in the banking system cannot be overstated. These numbers are used for various purposes, including the routing of funds, processing electronic transactions, and facilitating interbank transfers.

When you make a payment or transfer funds, the BSB number serves as a crucial piece of information to determine the destination of your funds. Moreover, BSB numbers play a vital role in the efficiency and accuracy of banking operations.

By using these numbers, banks can streamline the transaction process, minimizing errors and ensuring that funds reach the correct recipient promptly. Without the implementation of BSB numbers, the banking system would face challenges in accurately processing large volumes of transactions.


The Commonwealth Bank, one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, utilizes BSB number 403-205. Located at 58-60 Langtree Mall in Mildura, Victoria, this branch serves as a hub for various banking activities.

The BSB number 403-205 is unique to this branch and helps identify it within the Commonwealth Bank’s extensive network. The location of this branch in Mildura reflects the Commonwealth Bank’s commitment to providing convenient access to its services in regional areas.

By having a physical presence in smaller towns and cities, the bank ensures that customers can easily access its services, from basic banking transactions to more complex financial needs. The BSB number 403-205 associated with the Commonwealth Bank’s Mildura branch plays a crucial role in guiding funds to the correct location.

When individuals or businesses initiate transactions with this branch, they must provide the BSB number 403-205 to ensure that their funds reach the intended recipient. This number serves as a vital component in the routing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in transferring funds.


In conclusion, BSB numbers are not merely random digits on our bank statements; they hold significant importance in the banking system. As we explored in this article, BSB numbers help identify and route funds to the correct financial institution and branch.

They streamline the transaction process, minimize errors, and ensure that funds reach the intended recipient promptly. The Commonwealth Bank’s BSB number 403-205, located at 58-60 Langtree Mall in Mildura, Victoria, exemplifies the importance of these numbers in guiding funds to specific branches.

So, the next time you see a BSB number on your bank statement, remember the crucial role it plays in keeping our financial system running smoothly. TOPIC 3: PEH SYSTEM

In the world of banking, efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

To achieve this, financial institutions rely on various systems, one of which is the PEH system. PEH stands for Post Entry Hold, and it plays a critical role in the processing of funds and transactions within the banking system.

The PEH system is designed to ensure that all financial transactions are thoroughly checked and verified before they are finalized. When funds are being transferred from one account to another, the PEH system acts as a safety net, temporarily holding the funds at certain points during the processing stage.

This allows banks to conduct thorough checks, verify the details, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The funds are released only when all necessary verification processes are completed successfully.

The PEH system is closely tied to the BSB number, particularly during the routing process. When a transaction is initiated, the BSB number helps identify the destination branch within the financial institution.

Once the BSB number determines the receiving branch, the PEH system comes into play, holding the funds temporarily until all checks and verifications are completed. This additional layer of security provided by the PEH system gives customers peace of mind, as it helps prevent unauthorized transactions and enhances the overall integrity of the banking system.

By thoroughly examining the details of each transaction, the PEH system enables banks to detect potential fraud or errors, ensuring that only legitimate transactions are processed. TOPIC 4: UNDERSTANDING BSB NUMBER STRUCTURE

To fully understand the significance of the BSB number, let’s break down its structure and decipher its components.

As mentioned earlier, BSB numbers consist of six digits, with each digit serving a particular purpose. The first two digits of the BSB number represent the bank code.

In the case of the Commonwealth Bank, the bank code is 40. This code uniquely identifies the financial institution within the Australian banking system.

In this example, the bank code (40) indicates that the Commonwealth Bank is the designated financial institution. The remaining four digits of the BSB number indicate the specific branch of the financial institution.

In the case of BSB number 403-205, the branch code is 3205. This four-digit branch code helps identify the exact location of the branch within the Commonwealth Bank’s network.

When individuals or businesses provide the BSB number 403-205, it directs funds specifically to the Mildura branch of the Commonwealth Bank. It is crucial to note that BSB numbers can vary among different financial institutions and branches.

The bank code will always indicate the financial institution, but the branch code will differ. This distinction ensures that funds are sent to the correct branch of the desired financial institution.

Additionally, some BSB numbers may include an extra digit to indicate certain processing details within the financial institution. However, it is not applicable to BSB number 403-205 of the Commonwealth Bank.

Deciphering the structure of a BSB number allows individuals and businesses to provide accurate information when initiating transactions or directing funds to a specific branch. It ensures that funds are routed efficiently and accurately, reducing the chances of errors or delays.

In conclusion, the PEH system and the BSB number structure are integral components of the banking system. The PEH system provides an extra layer of security and verification during the processing of transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing unauthorized activities.

The BSB number, on the other hand, is a unique identification code that helps identify the receiving financial institution and branch. By understanding the structure and significance of BSB numbers, individuals and businesses can navigate the banking system efficiently and ensure that their funds reach the intended recipients accurately and promptly.

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