Bank Code Verified

484-127, BSB Number for Suncorp-Metway, Brisbane, QLD

BSB Number: 484-127

Bank: Suncorp-Metway

Financial Institution: MET

Address: Lvl 9 QIDC House 388 Queen Street

City: Brisbane

State: QLD

Postcode: 4000

System: PEHto BSB numbers: Identifying and Routing Funds in the Banking System

In the complex world of banking, BSB numbers play a crucial role in the identification and routing of funds. These unique numbers, assigned to each bank and branch, allow for seamless transfer of money between accounts.

In this article, we will dive into the significance of BSB numbers and how they help streamline the banking system. What are BSB numbers?

BSB stands for Bank State Branch, which is typically a six-digit number. Each BSB number represents a specific bank and branch, ensuring that transactions are accurately directed to the desired location.

Without BSB numbers, transferring funds between accounts would be a nightmare, with the possibility of funds going astray or landing in the wrong hands.

The Importance of BSB numbers in the banking system

1. Identification: BSB numbers serve as a unique identifier for different banks and branches.

This helps prevent any confusion or misinterpretation of which financial institution should receive the funds. It is akin to a mailing address for your money, ensuring it arrives at the right destination.

2. Routing of Funds: BSB numbers also facilitate the smooth routing of funds.

When you initiate a transfer, your bank uses the BSB number to ensure the money is directed to the correct branch. It acts as a navigational tool, guiding your funds through the complex network of the banking system.

3. Error Prevention: Without BSB numbers, funds could be mistakenly routed to a similarly named branch or even a completely different bank.

The unique nature of BSB numbers eliminates such errors and ensures that your money reaches its intended recipient without any hiccups. How are BSB numbers used for identification and routing of funds?

1. Transfers between banks: When you initiate a transfer from one bank to another, the BSB number is used to identify the receiving bank and branch.

This ensures that your funds are routed accurately and efficiently, minimizing any delays or errors. 2.

Internal transfers within a bank: BSB numbers are also used for internal transfers within a bank. For example, if you want to transfer money between your savings and checking accounts at the same bank but different branches, the BSB number helps ensure a seamless transfer of funds.

3. Payment processing: BSB numbers are vital in payment processing systems.

Whether it’s setting up direct debits, making bill payments, or receiving payments from clients, BSB numbers ensure that the funds are directed to the correct bank and branch. 4.

International transfers: Even when sending money internationally, BSB numbers have a role to play. While they may not be directly used, they provide valuable information to intermediary banks that help route the funds to the recipient’s bank.

5. Account verification: BSB numbers also assist in verifying the authenticity of bank accounts.

When setting up automatic payments or direct deposits, you may need to provide your BSB number as a form of verification. Suncorp-Metway: An example of a Bank with a BSB number

One bank that utilizes BSB numbers is Suncorp-Metway.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Suncorp-Metway is a leading Australian financial institution with a proud history dating back over 115 years. Suncorp-Metway’s BSB number, 484-127, is associated with their Brisbane-based branch located at Level 9, QIDC House, 388 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000.

This BSB number ensures that any funds directed to Suncorp-Metway’s Brisbane branch are accurately identified and routed, providing peace of mind to customers who engage in financial transactions with this particular branch.


BSB numbers are an integral part of the banking system, ensuring the accurate identification and routing of funds. These unique numbers help prevent errors, streamline transactions, and provide a sense of security to customers.

Whether you’re transferring money within your own bank, between different banks, or internationally, BSB numbers play a vital role in making sure your funds reach their intended destination. So the next time you initiate a transaction, remember the significance of those six digits they are the backbone of a seamless banking experience.

Topic 3: PEH System and its Relation to the Provided BSB Number

The PEH system, an abbreviation for Private Electronic Home Banking, is a proprietary electronic banking system used by Suncorp-Metway and other financial institutions in Australia. This system is designed to provide secure and efficient banking services to customers, allowing them to access their accounts and make transactions from the comfort of their homes.

The PEH system is closely connected to the BSB number provided, 484-127. In fact, the BSB number is an essential component of the PEH system, as it helps identify and route funds within the electronic banking network.

Let’s explore how the PEH system and BSB numbers work together to provide seamless banking services. 1.

Identification in the PEH system:

When a customer initiates a transaction through the PEH system, such as transferring funds or making a payment, the BSB number is used to identify the recipient bank and branch. In the case of Suncorp-Metway’s Brisbane branch with the BSB number 484-127, the PEH system recognizes this specific BSB number and ensures that the funds are accurately directed to that branch.

The PEH system relies on the unique BSB number to precisely identify the branch, avoiding any confusion or errors that could arise if multiple branches of the same bank were involved. This identification process ensures that funds are routed accurately and efficiently within the electronic banking system.

2. Routing of Funds in the PEH system:

Once the PEH system has identified the recipient bank and branch using the BSB number, it uses this information to route the funds securely.

The PEH system checks the BSB number against its internal database, which contains the necessary routing information for each bank and branch. In the case of Suncorp-Metway’s Brisbane branch, the PEH system identifies the branch using the BSB number 484-127 and routes the funds accordingly, ensuring that the money reaches the intended recipient without any delays or errors.

The combination of the PEH system and the BSB number allows for efficient electronic fund transfers, both within the same bank and between different banks. This seamless routing of funds is a testament to the robustness and reliability of the PEH system, which benefits both customers and financial institutions.

Now that we understand the relation between the PEH system and the provided BSB number, let’s delve deeper into the format and structure of BSB numbers. Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

BSB numbers consist of six digits and follow a specific format.

Each digit within the BSB number holds significance and provides valuable information about the bank and branch involved. By breaking down and interpreting the BSB number 484-127, we can understand the information it conveys.

The first two digits, 48, represent the bank code. In this case, 48 corresponds to Suncorp-Metway, the financial institution associated with the BSB number.

The bank code is unique to each institution and is used to identify the bank within the banking system. The next two digits, 4 and 8, together represent the state code.

In this case, 4 represents Queensland (QLD), the state where Suncorp-Metway’s Brisbane branch is located. The state code is used to narrow down the location to a specific state or territory within Australia.

The final two digits, 12 and 7, represent the branch code. These digits identify the specific branch within the bank.

In the case of the BSB number 484-127, the branch code refers to Suncorp-Metway’s Brisbane branch, which is located at Level 9, QIDC House, 388 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000. The branch code is unique to each branch within a bank and helps ensure that funds are directed accurately within the banking system.

It acts as a further layer of identification, ensuring that transactions are routed solely to the intended branch. By understanding the structure of a BSB number, we can interpret the BSB number 484-127 to identify Suncorp-Metway as the bank, Queensland as the state, and the specific Brisbane branch.

This interpretation helps guarantee that funds are correctly directed and facilitates efficient banking operations.


The PEH system and BSB numbers are integral components of Australia’s banking system. The PEH system, standing for Private Electronic Home Banking, is an electronic banking system that ensures secure and efficient banking services for customers.

The BSB number, or Bank State Branch number, uniquely identifies banks and branches within the system, facilitating the smooth identification and routing of funds. Understanding how the PEH system and BSB numbers work together provides insight into the seamless transfer of funds within the electronic banking network.

Additionally, comprehending the structure of BSB numbers, such as the significance of different digits, helps interpret the information conveyed by a specific BSB number. With the PEH system and BSB numbers in place, customers can enjoy the convenience of electronic banking, knowing that their funds are accurately and securely routed to the intended recipients.

These systems embody the advancements in technology and innovation that continue to shape the banking industry today.

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