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733-120, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Richmond South, VIC

BSB Number: 733-120

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: 220-222 Swan Street

City: Richmond South

State: VIC

Postcode: 3121

System: PEHBSB numbers are an essential part of the banking system, enabling the identification and routing of funds. In this article, we will explore the importance of BSB numbers and how they are used in the banking system.

We will also take a closer look at Westpac Bank, one of the major financial institutions in Australia. Topic 1:to BSB numbers

BSB numbers, also known as Bank State Branch numbers, are a unique identifier for each individual branch of a financial institution within Australia.

These numbers play a crucial role in the banking system as they help identify the bank, branch, and account number associated with a particular transaction. Importance of BSB numbers in the banking system:


Identification: BSB numbers ensure accurate identification of the bank and branch where an account is held. This helps in avoiding errors and confusion during fund transfers.

2. Routing of funds: BSB numbers are used to route funds to the correct destination.

When you provide a BSB number along with your account number, it helps ensure that the funds are directed to the intended bank and branch. 3.

Streamlining operations: BSB numbers assist financial institutions in streamlining their operations. By using BSB numbers, banks can efficiently sort and process transactions, making the entire banking system more efficient.

How BSB numbers are used for identification and routing of funds:

1. Identification: Each BSB number consists of six digits.

The first two digits represent the bank, the next two digits indicate the state or territory, and the last two digits represent the specific branch. This unique combination allows for accurate identification of the involved parties in a transaction.

2. Routing of funds: When initiating a fund transfer, the BSB number is used to determine the destination bank and branch.

This ensures that the funds are directed to the correct account. Without a valid BSB number, the transfer may be delayed or even rejected.

3. Validation checks: BSB numbers undergo validation checks to ensure their accuracy.

This involves verifying the correctness of the digits, validating the associated bank and branch, and detecting any potential errors. This validation process enhances the security and reliability of fund transfers.

Topic 2: Westpac Bank

Westpac Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Australia, offering a wide range of banking services to individuals and businesses. With a strong presence across the country, Westpac is trusted by millions of customers for their banking needs.

History and background of Westpac Bank:

1. Establishment: Westpac Bank was established in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales.

It is the oldest banking institution in Australia. 2.

Growth and mergers: Over the years, Westpac Bank has grown through various mergers and acquisitions. In 1982, the bank merged with the Commercial Bank of Australia to create Westpac Banking Corporation.

3. Expansion and services: Westpac has expanded its operations to become one of the largest banks in Australia.

It offers a wide range of services including personal banking, business banking, wealth management, and insurance. Commitment to customer service:


Accessibility: Westpac Bank is committed to ensuring that their banking services are accessible to all customers. They offer convenient online banking platforms, mobile apps, and a network of branches and ATMs across the country.

2. Innovation: Westpac Bank constantly strives to innovate and provide customers with the latest technological advancements.

Their digital banking solutions make banking more convenient and efficient for customers. 3.

Community involvement: Westpac Bank actively participates in community initiatives and supports various charitable organizations. They aim to make a positive impact on society through their corporate social responsibility programs.


BSB numbers serve as a crucial component of the banking system, enabling accurate identification and routing of funds. With their unique combination, BSB numbers play a vital role in ensuring efficient transactions and smooth banking operations.

Westpac Bank, with its long history and commitment to customer service, continues to be a trusted financial institution in Australia. Topic 3: PEH System

The PEH system, also known as the Payment Events Hub, is a payment processing system used by financial institutions in Australia.

It is a centralized system that facilitates the processing, clearing, and settlement of various payment transactions. The PEH system plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transfer of funds between banks and financial institutions.

How the PEH system relates to the BSB number provided:

The BSB number provided, 733-120, is associated with Westpac Bank and is used in conjunction with the PEH system. When a customer initiates a payment or transfer through their Westpac Bank account, the PEH system comes into play.

The BSB number acts as an identifier and routing code within the PEH system, helping to direct the funds to the correct bank and branch. When a payment is made, the PEH system processes the transaction using the BSB number as a key piece of information.

It ensures that the funds are routed to the appropriate bank and branch, based on the BSB number provided. This system helps streamline the payment process, reducing errors and ensuring that the funds reach their intended destination in a timely manner.

Topic 4: Understanding BSB Number Structure

The BSB number structure consists of six digits and is divided into three parts. Each part represents different information about the bank, branch, and location associated with the BSB number.

Format and structure of BSB numbers:

The BSB number is written in the format of ABC-XYZ, where ABC represents the bank code, and XYZ represents the branch code. Let’s break down the BSB number 733-120 to understand its structure and significance.

1. Bank Code (ABC):

The first two digits of the BSB number, 73, represent the bank code.

In this case, it refers to Westpac Bank. Each bank in Australia is assigned a unique two-digit bank code.

These codes are standardized and universally recognized within the banking system. 2.

State/Territory and Branch Code (XYZ):

The next four digits of the BSB number, 3120, represent the state/territory and branch code. The first two digits, 31, indicate the state or territory, which in this case is Victoria.

The last two digits, 20, represent the specific branch within that state. Interpreting the BSB number:

The BSB number 733-120 can be interpreted as follows:

– Bank code (ABC): The bank code 73 represents Westpac Bank.

– State or territory code (X): The state or territory code 31 represents Victoria. – Branch code (YZ): The branch code 20 indicates the specific branch within Victoria.

Therefore, the BSB number 733-120 corresponds to a Westpac Bank branch located in Richmond South, Victoria. The significance of different digits within the BSB number:

– The bank code (ABC) helps identify the financial institution associated with the BSB number.

In this case, 73 represents Westpac Bank. – The state or territory code (X) indicates the geographical location of the branch.

In this example, 31 represents Victoria. – The branch code (YZ) differentiates between different branches within the same state or territory.

The branch code 20 identifies the specific branch located in Richmond South, Victoria. In summary, the BSB number structure provides important information about the bank, state/territory, and branch associated with the number.

Understanding the format and significance of the different digits within the BSB number helps ensure accurate identification and routing of funds in the banking system.

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