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735-301, BSB Number for Westpac Bank, Darwin, NT

BSB Number: 735-301

Bank: Westpac Bank

Financial Institution: WBC

Address: The Mall 24 Smith St

City: Darwin

State: NT

Postcode: 0800

System: PEHto BSB Numbers:

When it comes to banking, numbers play a significant role in ensuring smooth financial transactions. Among these numbers, the BSB (Bank-State-Branch) number stands out.

In this article, we will take a closer look at BSB numbers, their importance in the banking system, and how they are used for identification and routing of funds. What are BSB Numbers?

BSB numbers are a unique set of digits that are assigned to each bank, branch, and state in Australia. They serve as a form of identification and routing code in the banking system.

BSB numbers consist of six digits, with the first two digits representing the bank, the following three digits representing the branch, and the last digit serving as a checksum for error detection. Importance of BSB Numbers:

BSB numbers play a crucial role in the banking system for several reasons.

Firstly, they help to identify the specific bank and branch involved in a financial transaction. With thousands of banks and branches spread across Australia, it would be incredibly difficult to process payments without this identification system.

Secondly, BSB numbers are essential for routing funds to the correct destination. When you initiate a transfer or make a payment, the BSB number helps the banking system determine the appropriate pathway to route the money.

This ensures that funds reach the intended recipient in a timely and accurate manner. Identification and Routing of Funds:

Now, let’s dive deeper into how BSB numbers are used for the identification and routing of funds.

To better understand this process, let’s use an example bank: Westpac Bank. Westpac Bank (WBC) is one of the major banks in Australia, catering to millions of customers.

With such a large network of branches, BSB numbers become essential in distinguishing one branch from another. For instance, let’s consider the BSB number 735-301, associated with Westpac Bank’s branch at The Mall 24 Smith St in Darwin, Northern Territory (NT).

The first two digits, “73,” represent Westpac Bank. This identification ensures that all transactions involving Westpac Bank are properly segregated from those involving other banks.

The following three digits, “301,” are unique to the specific branch at The Mall 24 Smith St in Darwin, NT. This information helps in pinpointing the exact physical location where the funds need to be sent or received.

Now, as a customer, if you need to transfer money to someone who banks with Westpac Bank at the Darwin branch, you would need to specify the BSB number 735-301 along with the recipient’s account number. This combination of BSB number and account number ensures that the funds are directed to the correct branch and account within Westpac Bank.

Similarly, if someone wants to transfer funds to your Westpac Bank account at the specified branch, they would need to have your BSB number and account number to initiate the transaction successfully. This way, the BSB number acts as a unique identification code for both sending and receiving funds within the banking system.


In conclusion, BSB numbers are an integral part of the banking system in Australia. They provide a means of identification and routing for financial transactions, ensuring that funds reach the intended recipient accurately and efficiently.

Whether it’s a large bank like Westpac or a smaller local branch, each entity is assigned a unique BSB number, allowing the banking system to function smoothly. Next time you make a payment or transfer money, remember the significance of those six little digits – they are the key to a successful transaction.

PEH System and its Relation to the BSB Number:

Another crucial aspect in understanding BSB numbers is the PEH (Payment Entry Hub) system. The PEH system is an automated payment processing platform used by financial institutions to facilitate the routing and settlement of funds.

The PEH system is the backbone of electronic fund transfers and plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of money. It acts as a central hub where financial institutions can exchange payment instructions and communicate with each other to process transactions.

The BSB number provided earlier (735-301) is related to the PEH system as it serves as a key identifier within this automated payment processing platform. The PEH system relies on BSB numbers to route funds accurately and securely.

Understanding BSB Number Structure:

To better understand the importance of BSB numbers, let’s delve into their structure and how different digits hold significance in the identification and routing process. The BSB number consists of six digits, with each digit serving a distinct purpose.

Let’s break down the BSB number 735-301 and interpret its meaning:

1. The first two digits (73) represent the bank.

In this case, “73” corresponds to Westpac Bank. Different banks in Australia are assigned unique two-digit numbers as an identifier.

2. The next three digits (5-3-1) represent the branch.

These digits distinguish one branch from another within a specific bank. Each branch of a bank is assigned a unique three-digit number, allowing funds to be directed accurately to the desired location.

3. The last digit (1) serves as a checksum.

This digit is calculated using a mathematical algorithm known as the “Modulus 10” formula. The purpose of the checksum digit is to detect errors during the data entry process.

By verifying the correctness of the BSB number, the checksum digit helps prevent misrouted or misdirected payments. By understanding the structure of the BSB number, we can easily identify the bank and branch associated with it.

In the case of the example BSB number 735-301, we know that it corresponds to Westpac Bank and specifically the branch located at The Mall 24 Smith St in Darwin, NT. This breakdown of the BSB number ensures that funds are routed accurately, minimizing errors and ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Implications of PEH System in BSB Number Processing:

The integration of the PEH system with the BSB number processing brings numerous advantages to the banking system. Firstly, the automated nature of the PEH system allows for faster and more efficient processing of transactions.

By leveraging technology, the PEH system reduces the manual effort and time required for manual verification and routing. It enables financial institutions to handle a higher volume of transactions in a shorter period while maintaining accuracy.

Secondly, the PEH system enhances the security of transactions. As all payment instructions pass through the PEH system, it acts as a centralized point for validation and verification.

The system checks the authenticity of the BSB numbers, ensuring that funds are routed to legitimate and authorized entities only. This significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and unauthorized transfers.

Additionally, the PEH system provides robust tracking and reconciliation capabilities. It records the movement of funds at each stage, allowing financial institutions to trace the flow of money accurately.

This improves transparency and accountability in the banking system. Conclusion:

The PEH system and BSB numbers are intricately linked and play essential roles in ensuring seamless and secure financial transactions.

The PEH system acts as a centralized processing platform, leveraging the BSB numbers as unique identifiers to route and settle funds accurately. Understanding the structure of BSB numbers enables us to interpret the information they convey, such as the bank and branch associated with a particular BSB number.

By employing advanced technology and robust security measures, the PEH system and BSB numbers contribute to the efficient functioning of the Australian banking system.

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