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Swift Code: CORPINBB447





Postcode: 110005

Country: India

Title: Swift Codes: The Key to Secure and Efficient International BankingIn the fast-paced world of international banking, the need for secure and efficient transactions cannot be overstated. Swift codes, or Bank Identifier Codes (BIC), play a crucial role in facilitating these transactions, connecting financial institutions across the globe.

In this article, we will explore the purpose and importance of Swift codes, delving into their role in international banking and highlighting the significance of a specific code for Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank. So, let’s dive in!

Topic 1: Anto Swift Codes

Understanding Swift Codes:


Swift codes are standardized alphanumeric codes assigned to banks for identification purposes. 2.

Each Swift code is unique to a specific bank, branch, and location. 3.

The format typically consists of either 8 or 11 characters. 4.

The first four characters denote the bank, the following two characters represent the country, the next two signify the location, and the last three (optional) identify the branch. Purpose of Swift Codes:


Swift codes are essential for ensuring accurate and secure financial transactions. 2.

They serve as a global directory that enables communication between banks. 3.

Swift codes help in identifying the recipient and sender of funds, simplifying the process for both parties. 4.

These codes are indispensable for various financial activities, including wire transfers, clearance of checks, and foreign currency exchange. Topic 2: The Role of Swift Codes in International Banking

Efficiency in International Transactions:


Swift codes enable quick and error-free transmission of payment instructions. 2.

By using a standardized format, they eliminate the need for manual entry and potential human error. 3.

Swift codes ensure that funds are routed to the correct destination efficiently, saving time and resources. Secure and Trustworthy Transactions:


Swift codes provide a secure platform for international transactions, ensuring the safety of sensitive financial information. 2.

The codes enable encrypted communication channels, minimizing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access. 3.

By using Swift codes, banks can establish trust and credibility when connecting with other financial institutions globally. Connecting Financial Institutions:


Swift codes act as a crucial link between banks, connecting them across continents. 2.

They enable seamless communication and collaboration between banks, irrespective of their geographical locations. 3.

The uniqueness of Swift codes minimizes the chances of confusion and ensures accurate routing of funds, benefiting both senders and receivers. Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank’s Swift Code: CORPINBB447


The Swift code CORPINBB447 identifies Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, located in New Delhi, India. 2.

It represents the bank’s Industrial Finance Branch, catering to the specific financial needs of industries in the vibrant capital city. 3.

The code facilitates safe and efficient international transactions for the bank’s customers, allowing them to connect with financial institutions worldwide. Conclusion:

Swift codes are the backbone of secure and efficient international banking.

They simplify and streamline transactions, ensuring accurate and quick routing of funds. The given Swift code, CORPINBB447 for Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, plays a vital role in connecting the bank with other financial institutions globally.

By understanding and utilizing these codes, individuals and businesses can enjoy the benefits of seamless international banking, making transactions across borders a breeze. Topic 3: Unveiling UNION BANK OF INDIA, FORMERLY CORPORATION BANKUnion Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, is an esteemed financial institution that has been serving customers in India for many years.

With its headquarters located in the bustling city of New Delhi, the bank has played a crucial role in the country’s economic growth. In this section, we will delve into the rich history and notable features of Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, shedding light on its contribution to the banking sector in India.

A Brief History:

1. Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, traces its roots back to 1906 when it was established in Udupi, Karnataka, as a small banking entity.

2. Over the years, the bank expanded its operations and gradually gained recognition for its customer-centric approach and innovative services.

3. In 1980, it became a public sector bank, further solidifying its presence in the Indian banking industry.

4. The bank’s commitment to excellence earned it multiple accolades, including the prestigious ‘Best Bank Award’ by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Notable Features:

1. Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, prides itself on its extensive branch network, with numerous branches spread across various cities and towns in India.

2. The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and corporates.

3. Its industrial finance division specializes in providing financial aid to industries, contributing significantly to the growth of the manufacturing sector in India.

4. Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, has also embraced digital technology, offering customers convenient mobile banking and internet banking solutions.

Topic 4: Common Uses of Swift Codes

Wire Transfers:

1. One of the most common uses of Swift codes is for wire transfers, which involve transferring funds from one bank to another electronically.

2. When initiating a wire transfer, individuals or businesses need to provide the recipient’s Swift code to ensure that the funds reach the intended destination securely and promptly.

Foreign Currency Exchange:

1. Swift codes are vital in foreign currency exchange transactions, allowing banks to identify the recipient’s bank for seamless currency conversion.

2. When converting one currency to another, the banks rely on Swift codes to ensure accurate remittance of funds to the recipient’s account.

Clearance of Checks:

1. Swift codes are essential for the efficient clearance of checks, especially those issued by foreign banks.

2. Clearinghouses use Swift codes to identify the relevant banks involved in the clearing process, ensuring that transactions are processed accurately and in a timely manner.

Establishing International Business Relationships:

1. Businesses that engage in international trade rely on Swift codes to establish business relationships with foreign suppliers or buyers.

2. By sharing their Swift code with international partners, businesses can facilitate smooth and secure financial transactions, fostering trust and collaboration.

Navigating International Regulations:

1. Swift codes play a crucial role in adhering to international banking regulations and complying with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) requirements.

2. Banks utilize Swift codes as part of their due diligence process when verifying the identity of other banks involved in international transactions.


Union Bank of India, formerly Corporation Bank, stands as a testament to India’s thriving banking sector, with its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It serves as a trusted financial institution that utilizes its unique Swift code, CORPINBB447, to connect with other banks and facilitate secure and efficient international transactions.

Swift codes, including CORPINBB447, play a vital role in today’s globalized world, enabling seamless communication and enhancing the reliability and speed of international banking transactions.

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