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Swift Code: FCCHGB22AAT





Postcode: WA7 1LZ

Country: United KingdomIn the world of international banking, the importance of smooth and secure transactions cannot be overstated. One key factor in ensuring the efficiency of these transactions is the use of Swift codes.

Swift codes serve as unique identifiers for banks, enabling them to connect with other financial institutions across the globe. In this article, we will delve into the purpose and significance of Swift codes and explore how they facilitate seamless international transactions.

Topic 1: Anto Swift Codes

What is a Swift code? – Swift code, also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to a specific bank or financial institution.

– It consists of 8 or 11 characters and is used for international wire transfers to identify the beneficiary bank. – The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is responsible for assigning and maintaining these codes.

Importance of Swift codes

– Swift codes play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of international transactions. – They eliminate the possibility of errors and miscommunication during the transfer process.

– Without Swift codes, banks would struggle to identify the correct recipient and the funds could end up in the wrong account.

How to interpret a Swift code

– The first four characters of a Swift code represent the bank code or institution code. – The following two characters denote the country code, indicating the country where the bank is located.

– The next two characters represent the location code, providing information about the specific branch of the bank. – Finally, the last three characters (optional) indicate the branch code.

Topic 2: The Role of Swift Codes in International Banking

Facilitating secure transactions

– Swift codes ensure that international transactions are securely transmitted between financial institutions. – They provide an extra layer of security by verifying the identity of the banks involved in the transfer.

– Swift codes are recognized globally, which enhances trust and reduces the risk of fraud in cross-border transactions.

Enabling efficient communication

– By using Swift codes, banks can exchange information quickly and accurately. – Standardized message formats are employed, enabling seamless communication between banks regardless of their location.

– This promotes efficiency and reduces the time and effort required to process international transactions.

Connecting financial institutions worldwide

– Swift codes serve as the key connecting link between banks all around the world. – They enable banks to establish correspondent relationships, allowing them to transact with each other.

– Financial institutions rely on the network of Swift codes to connect and collaborate with other banks, creating a seamless global financial ecosystem.


In conclusion, Swift codes are vital in ensuring secure and efficient international transactions. They serve as unique identifiers for banks, enabling them to connect with other financial institutions across the globe.

By facilitating secure transactions, enabling efficient communication, and connecting financial institutions worldwide, Swift codes play a crucial role in the global banking system. As the world becomes more interconnected, the significance of Swift codes continues to grow, allowing for seamless and reliable international financial transactions.


Bottomline Payment Services Limited is a prominent financial institution that plays a crucial role in the world of international banking. Located in the city of Runcorn in the United Kingdom, Bottomline Payment Services Limited operates with the Swift code FCCHGB22AAT.

Overview of Bottomline Payment Services Limited

– Bottomline Payment Services Limited is a specialized payment service provider that offers innovative payment solutions to businesses and financial institutions. – With a focus on technology and automation, Bottomline Payment Services Limited aims to streamline and simplify payment processes for its clients.

– The institution provides a comprehensive range of payment products, including electronic funds transfer, direct debit, and cash management solutions.

Importance of Swift Code FCCHGB22AAT

– Swift code FCCHGB22AAT uniquely identifies Bottomline Payment Services Limited in the international banking system. – This code allows other financial institutions to connect and transact with Bottomline Payment Services Limited securely and efficiently.

– By using the Swift code FCCHGB22AAT, clients can initiate international wire transfers and other financial transactions with Bottomline Payment Services Limited confidently.

Address and Branch Information

– Bottomline Payment Services Limited is located at Daresbury Court, 16 Evenwood Close, Manor Park, in the city of Runcorn. – The postcode associated with the institution is WA7 1LZ.

– While Swift codes typically contain information about specific branches, the code FCCHGB22AAT does not provide specific branch details for Bottomline Payment Services Limited. Topic 4: Common Uses of Swift Codes

Swift codes are widely used by banks and financial institutions for various purposes.

Let’s explore some of the common uses of Swift codes in international banking:

1. International Wire Transfers

– Swift codes are essential for conducting international wire transfers.

– When initiating a wire transfer, the sender’s bank uses the recipient’s Swift code to ensure that the funds reach the correct financial institution. – Swift codes eliminate ambiguity, ensuring that the funds are credited to the correct account at the beneficiary bank.

2. Correspondent Banking Relationships

– Correspondent banking relationships involve one bank, usually located in a different country, maintaining accounts and conducting transactions on behalf of another bank.

– Swift codes are used to establish and maintain these relationships, allowing banks to collaborate and transact securely across borders. – Correspondent banking relationships are crucial for cross-border trade, remittances, and other international financial activities.

3. Foreign Exchange Transactions

– Swift codes play a significant role in foreign exchange transactions.

– Banks use Swift codes to identify the beneficiary bank when executing currency conversions and transfers. – Swift codes help ensure that the foreign exchange transactions are routed accurately and efficiently.

4. Interbank Communication

– Swift codes facilitate secure communication between banks.

– Banks use Swift messaging services to exchange information regarding transactions, account balances, and other banking operations. – Swift codes enable banks to communicate and share information quickly and accurately, promoting efficient and error-free banking operations.

5. Trust and Verification

– Swift codes enhance trust and verification in international banking transactions.

– Financial institutions rely on the global network of Swift codes to verify the identity of the recipient bank and ensure the legitimacy of the transaction. – The use of Swift codes reduces the risk of transferring funds to the wrong account and helps prevent fraudulent activities.

In conclusion, Swift codes are indispensable in international banking. They serve various purposes, including facilitating international wire transfers, establishing correspondent banking relationships, enabling foreign exchange transactions, promoting interbank communication, and providing trust and verification.

The Swift code FCCHGB22AAT identifies Bottomline Payment Services Limited, an important player in the global financial ecosystem. By leveraging Swift codes, banks and financial institutions can conduct secure and efficient transactions with confidence, connecting and collaborating with one another across borders.

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