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Swift Code: PANXRO22





Postcode: 300011

Country: Romania

Anto Swift Codes: Explaining the Purpose and Importance of Swift Codes

Have you ever wondered what those mysterious series of letters and numbers are when you transfer money internationally? Or why your bank asks for a “Swift code” when you want to make an overseas payment?

Swift codes may seem like a cryptic language known only to bankers, but they play a crucial role in facilitating secure and efficient international transactions. In this article, we will unravel the mystery behind Swift codes and delve into their significance in connecting financial institutions worldwide.

Understanding Swift Codes

Let’s start with the basics. Swift stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

It is a cooperative organization that provides a secure communication network for financial institutions. Swift codes, also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code), are unique identification codes assigned to each bank or financial institution for the purpose of international financial transactions.

A Swift code consists of letters and numbers that convey specific information. The first four characters represent the bank code or institution code, followed by two characters representing the country code.

The next two characters indicate the location code, specifying the branch or department where the transaction is processed. The final three characters are optional and represent the branch code.

The Purpose of Swift Codes

Swift codes serve multiple purposes in international banking. Firstly, they ensure that transfers are directed to the correct financial institution.

With millions of banks worldwide, it is crucial to have a standardized code system to avoid any confusion or misrouting of funds. Swift codes act as a global address book for banks, enabling them to communicate and transact seamlessly.

Secondly, Swift codes play a vital role in maintaining the security of international transactions. In an era where cybercrime is prevalent, it is essential to have a secure network for transmitting financial information.

The Swift network employs robust security measures such as encryption and authentication protocols, ensuring that sensitive banking details are protected.

The Role of Swift Codes in International Banking

Now that we understand the purpose of Swift codes, let’s explore their role in international banking. International transactions involve a complex web of interactions between various financial institutions.

When you initiate a transfer, your bank needs to communicate with the recipient bank to ensure that the funds reach the intended destination. This is where Swift codes come into play.

When you provide your bank with the recipient’s Swift code, it acts as a key that unlocks the network of financial institutions connected to the Swift network. Your bank uses this code to identify the recipient’s bank and initiate the transfer.

The recipient’s bank, upon receiving the request, verifies the Swift code and processes the transfer accordingly. This process ensures that funds are transferred securely and efficiently.

The Significance of Swift Codes in Connecting Financial Institutions

The significance of Swift codes becomes evident when we consider the global nature of banking. Whether it’s a business making international payments, an individual sending money to family overseas, or even a financial market transaction, connecting with the recipient bank is crucial.

Swift codes provide the necessary link between banks, allowing for seamless communication and transaction processing. As global trade and commerce continue to expand, the need for secure and efficient banking systems becomes paramount.

Swift codes enable financial institutions to connect and transact with each other, regardless of geographical boundaries. This global connectivity fosters economic growth and facilitates international cooperation.


In a world where borders are becoming increasingly blurred, Swift codes play a significant role in ensuring the smooth operation of international transactions. They provide a standardized system for identifying and communicating with financial institutions worldwide.

By facilitating secure and efficient transfers, Swift codes promote economic growth and foster international cooperation. So the next time you need to transfer money internationally, remember the importance of Swift codes in connecting the global banking community.


In the realm of international banking, there are numerous financial institutions that play a key role in facilitating transactions. One such institution is UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA.

Let us delve into the details of this particular branch and understand its significance. UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA, located at STRADA CORIOLAN BREDICEANU 10, in the city of TIMISOARA, Romania, is an integral part of the larger Unifiedpost Group.

Unifiedpost Group is a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) transaction management and electronic document services. As a branch of UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE, the TIMISOARA branch specializes in payment solutions, electronic invoicing, and financial document automation.

With its presence in Romania, the branch caters to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in the local market. This branch, like other financial institutions, is assigned a Swift code.

The Swift code for UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA is PANXRO22. This code serves as a unique identifier for the branch, allowing it to connect with other financial institutions across the globe.

Whenever a transaction is initiated or received by the branch, the presence of the Swift code ensures that the funds are directed to the correct destination. The UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA branch, with its expertise in payment solutions and electronic document services, plays a crucial role in supporting local businesses and individuals.

Through its range of services, it enables businesses to streamline their payment processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. The branch also assists individuals in making secure and convenient payments, whether it be for personal expenses or sending money to family and friends abroad.

Topic 4: Common Uses of Swift Codes

Now that we have explored the role of Swift codes and the significance of UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA, let’s dive into some common uses of Swift codes in international banking. 1.

Cross-border payments: Swift codes are primarily used for cross-border transactions. Whether you are sending money abroad or receiving funds from an overseas source, providing the correct Swift code ensures that the funds reach the intended recipient swiftly and securely.

By using the Swift code, banks can identify the recipient’s financial institution and route the funds accordingly. 2.

Correspondent banking: Swift codes play a vital role in correspondent banking, where financial institutions maintain relationships with other banks to conduct transactions on behalf of clients. When a bank has a correspondent relationship with another bank, they use the Swift code to communicate and transact efficiently.

This allows banks to facilitate international transfers and provide global financial services to their clients. 3.

Foreign exchange transactions: Swift codes are commonly used in foreign exchange transactions. When converting currencies, banks need to interact with other financial institutions to execute the trade.

The use of Swift codes enables banks to connect with currency providers and execute the transaction at the best possible exchange rate. This ensures transparency and efficiency in currency conversions.

4. Trade finance: In international trade, Swift codes are often required to ensure that payments for goods and services are securely transmitted.

Exporters and importers rely on Swift codes to accurately route the funds and ensure timely payment. By providing the Swift code of the beneficiary’s bank, the exporter can have peace of mind knowing that the payment will be properly processed and credited.

5. Interbank communication: Swift codes also play a crucial role in interbank communication.

Financial institutions use the Swift network to exchange important messages related to transactions, compliance, and regulatory requirements. The secure communication provided by the Swift network ensures that sensitive information is transmitted safely between banks.

In conclusion, Swift codes are an essential component of international banking. They facilitate secure and efficient transactions by ensuring that funds are directed to the correct financial institutions.

UNIFIEDPOST PAYMENTS LA HULPE SUCURSALA TIMISOARA, with its Swift code PANXRO22, actively contributes to the global network of financial institutions, providing payment solutions and financial services to businesses and individuals alike. The use of Swift codes in cross-border payments, correspondent banking, foreign exchange transactions, trade finance, and interbank communication showcases their significance in the modern banking landscape.

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